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  1. pump
  2. deaf
  3. unconscious
  4. frantically
  5. prematurely
  1. a not awake
  2. b hurriedly, in a panicked way
  3. c flow intermittently
  4. d (of childbirth) before the end of the normal period of gestation
  5. e people who have severe hearing impairments

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  1. never-ceasing
  2. leave someone who needs or counts on you
  3. a special enclosed crib used for premature babies in which the oxygen supply, temperature, and humidity can be closely controlled
  4. to try extra hard to do something
  5. appear suddenly

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  1. miserycause to change


  2. flunkthe rising of a body of water and its overflowing onto normally dry land


  3. isolationbecoming aware of something via the senses


  4. scribblewrite down quickly without much attention to detail


  5. meagera feeling of intense anger


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