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  1. disenfranchised
  2. act all that in/bottled in
  3. flunk
  4. incubator
  5. deaf
  1. a people who have severe hearing impairments
  2. b keep your emotions inside
  3. c not having rights, not feeling part of society
  4. d fail to get a passing grade
  5. e a special enclosed crib used for premature babies in which the oxygen supply, temperature, and humidity can be closely controlled

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  1. to change or influence someone's behavior
  2. the line or plane indicating the limit or extent of something
  3. to hit, in this case to get an illness
  4. get the meaning of something
  5. the quality of being funny

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  1. weirdcausing difficulty in finding an answer or solution


  2. floodthe rising of a body of water and its overflowing onto normally dry land


  3. orphanagea place where orphans live and are taken care of


  4. unconsciousnot awake


  5. perceptionbecoming aware of something via the senses


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