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  1. dilapidated
  2. rage
  3. existence
  4. come down with
  5. gesticulate
  1. a in poor condition from neglect or age
  2. b show, express or direct through movement
  3. c become ill with
  4. d the state or fact of existing
  5. e a feeling of intense anger

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  1. people who have severe hearing impairments
  2. leave someone who needs or counts on you
  3. not awake
  4. feeling of being alone
  5. never-ceasing

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  1. graspget the meaning of something


  2. miserya feeling of intense unhappiness


  3. franticallyhurriedly, in a panicked way


  4. vexedcausing difficulty in finding an answer or solution


  5. alterfail to get a passing grade


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