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  1. Hedonism
  2. Al-Anon
  3. Number needed to stop death from hunger and many diseases; if 20 top nations give this, it would be __ of their budget
  4. FME
  5. 3 Methods of Moral Decision making
  1. a Teleological, Deontological, Relational-Responsibility
  2. b $195 billion; 1%
  3. c Foundational moral experience, ultimate=supreme sacrifice
  4. d philosophy of life based on personal pleasure
  5. e for friends/family of alcoholic

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  1. 4-6 times more likely to become one
  2. Temporary Aid for Needy Families; protection vs poverty
  3. SSI
  4. what medical treatment they want
  5. Scripture, Tradition, Contemporary Experiences, Secular Disciplines

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  1. Bible quote supporting pro-lifeJer. 1:5, God knew you in the womb


  2. Cost of abortion at ten weeks$250-750


  3. Kohlberg's moral theory6 stages, you can move between them and revert back, most never reach 5-6


  4. ratio kids in poverty in America1 in 5


  5. Thomas MooreWouldn't let Henry the 8th divorce and remarry to get a son


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