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  1. Welfare Reform Act
  2. Subjectivism
  3. 5 parents
  4. % of the world's population that in the US
  5. Solidarity
  1. a The quality of Justice that breaks down barriers between people
  2. b Morality determined by community, time and culture
  3. c mom, dad, donor egg and sperm, and surrogate
  4. d 6%
  5. e Federal level to state level

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  1. Teleological, Deontological, Relational-Responsibility
  2. Objective moral order; 1) there is an OMO in which some actions are right/wrong. 2) Humans know this through faith and reason, 3) OMO is universal and timeless, and 4) Humans don'r always use OMO
  3. Ohio Welfare Program
  4. Temporary Aid for Needy Families; protection vs poverty
  5. $195 billion; 1%

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  1. Cost of abortion at ten weeks1.5 million


  2. Dorthy Dayofficial church teaching


  3. Teleological methodThe quality of Justice that breaks down barriers between people


  4. Relational-Responsibility1 in 5


  5. 4 ways to evaluate strength of TraditionAntiquity, Authoritative Definition, Widespread usage, Consensus of Faithful A DUC


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