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  1. Morning After pill
  2. Relational-Responsibility
  3. The village and the River
  4. Ohio limit for welfare
  5. Number needed to stop death from hunger and many diseases; if 20 top nations give this, it would be __ of their budget
  1. a $195 billion; 1%
  2. b RU-486
  3. c Need both works of mercy and social action
  4. d uses 4 source theory, considers all options and results
  5. e 3 years

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  1. Adam and Eve (God/Humanity), Cain and Abel (family), Tower of Babel (communities)
  2. Passive (allowed) and active (not)
  3. 1 in 5
  4. philosophy of life based on personal pleasure
  5. Moment of Quickening

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  1. % resources the US uses25%


  2. Jubilee Year and whyall debts forgiven, lessen gap between the rich and the poor


  3. When Christianity became official and where313 AD Roman Empire


  4. Ohio Works FirstCompetent Authority, Just Cause, Comparative Justice, Right Intention, Last Resort, Probability of Success, and Proportionality


  5. Majority of Death Row is in the1.5 million


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