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  1. PNS
  1. a an inflammatin of the meningis
  2. b carry hearing and equilibrium informations from the inner ear to the brain for interpretation
  3. c contain somatosensory areas (interpret sensations felt on or within body)
  4. d peripheral nervous system consists of the peripheral nerves, which are located throughout the rest of the body. the PNS splits into to parts SNS and ANS
  5. e carry sensory information from the throat and tongue to the brain for interpretation. they also act in the muscles of the throat.

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  1. can be divided into 4 major areas
    cerebrum, the diencephalon, the brain stem, and the cerebellum
  2. this test is useful in detecting blood flow to areas of the brain, brain tumors, and the diagnosis of such diseases as parkinson's and alzeheimer's.
  3. carry smell inofromation to the brain for interpretation
  4. whenever a physcian needs to examine CSF, a lumbar puncture is perform
  5. they are antagonistic in actions, meaning the funciton in opposite ways

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  1. PARASYMPATHETIC DIVISIONcell body and processes called nerve fibers that extend from the cell body


  2. WHAT DOES A LUMBAR PUNCTURE SHOWwhenever a physcian needs to examine CSF, a lumbar puncture is perform


  3. CEREBRUMlargest part of the brain divided into 2 halves called cerebral hemispheres and connected by the corpus callosum


  4. CELL BODYfunctional cells of the nervous system


  5. HYPOGLOSSAL NERVES (XII)carry skin, information from the surface of the eye, the scalp, facial, the lining of the gums, and the palate to the brain for interpretation. they also are found with the muscles needed for chewing


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