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  1. hematuria
  2. Albuminuria
  3. Pyelonephritis
  4. Phimosis
  5. Defecation
  1. a thightening of forskin so it can't be retracted
  2. b abnormal amounts of protein in the urine
  3. c inflammation of kidney - kidney infection
  4. d abnormal amounts of blood in urine
  5. e the actof expelling feces from the anus

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  1. finger-like ends of fallopian tubes
  2. urine left over in the bladder after voiding
  3. AKA oxytocin challegen test
  4. kidney stones - condition of developing stones
  5. Enzyme that breaks down carbs in the mouth by salivary glands and pancreas

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  1. Renal columntissue in between pyramids


  2. Dysmenorrheapainful menstruation


  3. HysterosalpingographyVisualizing the urinary bladder with a lighted scope


  4. PharynxAKA throat - adjoins the oral cavity - has three sections


  5. FertilizationUnion of male sperm and female ovum


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