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  1. Carcinoma of the testes
  2. Quickening
  3. Hyperemesis Gravidarum
  4. Effacement
  5. Lipase
  1. a abnormal condition of pergnancy - Characterized by severe vomiting that results in maternal ehydration and weight loss
  2. b Thinning of the cervix prior to delievery
  3. c enzyme that breaks down fats - seceted in mouth by salivary glands and pancreas
  4. d the first feeling of movement of the fetus by the expecting mother - occuring around 18 - 20 wks
  5. e cancer of testicles

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  1. detects cervical cancer
  2. yeast infection found in the mouth
  3. needed to void immediately
  4. Ball-shaped bundle of capillaries of nephron
  5. Bluish violet hue of cervix and vagina-after approximately

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  1. Residual urineouter portion of organ/kidney


  2. Dysmenorrheapainful menstruation


  3. CalyxAKA throat - adjoins the oral cavity - has three sections


  4. Urine PHacid/base - normal range between 4.5-8.0


  5. Defecationsurgical procedure in which the abdomen and uterus and incised and a baby is delivered transabdominally


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