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  1. colposcopy
  2. Nocturia
  3. Chyme
  4. Fimbriae
  5. Pregnancy testing
  1. a testing performed on maternal blood or urine - to determine presence of homone HCG
  2. b finger-like ends of fallopian tubes
  3. c urination more than normal at night
  4. d what bolus becomes when HCL is introduced to it in stomach - watery substance
  5. e visual examination of the vagina and cervix using an insterment with lighted binocular microscope for direct examination of the surfaces of the vagina and cervix

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  1. Ball-shaped bundle of capillaries of nephron
  2. collecting bowl for urine in the center of the kidney. All calyces flow into the renal pelvis
  3. painful menstruation
  4. swallowing
  5. needed to void immediately

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  1. ChalmydiaSTD that can be asymptomatic in women - it will lead to salpingitis in women if left untreated and possible infertility


  2. Micturitionswallowing


  3. PyelonephritisInflammation/infection of glans penis


  4. MalodorousBall-shaped bundle of capillaries of nephron


  5. Urine PHsubstance that breaks down fats. - comprised of cholesterol and bile and bile salts- Secreted by liver and GB- Stored in GB


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