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  1. Renal Cortex
  2. Bacteriuria
  3. Menopause
  4. Testosterone
  5. Nocturia
  1. a Abnormal amounts of bacteria in urine
  2. b urination more than normal at night
  3. c outer portion of organ/kidney
  4. d the male hormone
  5. e the permanent cessation of the menstrual cycle due to noemal aging process

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  1. visual examination of the vagina and cervix using an insterment with lighted binocular microscope for direct examination of the surfaces of the vagina and cervix
  2. surgical procedure in which the abdomen and uterus and incised and a baby is delivered transabdominally
  3. finger-like ends of fallopian tubes
  4. abnormally long or heavy menstrual periods
  5. chewing

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  1. ChalmydiaSingle calyce; cup-like structure at base of renal pyramid that funnals urine to renal pelvis


  2. Goodell's signswallowing


  3. Urgencyneeded to void immediately


  4. Genital WartsAKA Condylomata and Venereal warts


  5. Effacementabnormal - tarry black stool - from digested blood


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