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  1. Medulla
  2. Protozoal
  3. Candida Albicans
  4. Steatorrhea
  5. HVP= Human Papillomavirus
  1. a greater than normal amounts of fat in feces
  2. b middle portion of kidney or organ
  3. c genital warts are usually caused by exposure to this virus
  4. d vaginal yeast infection are usually caused by candida albicans
  5. e trichomoniasis is a protozoal infection

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  1. STD - is not cured aftr using a prescription
  2. enzyme that breaks down fats - seceted in mouth by salivary glands and pancreas
  3. what bolus becomes when HCL is introduced to it in stomach - watery substance
  4. substance that breaks down fats. - comprised of cholesterol and bile and bile salts- Secreted by liver and GB- Stored in GB
  5. a skin lesion - usually of primary syphilis that begins at the site of infection as a small raised ared and develops into a red, painless ulcer with a scooped-out appearance

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  1. KUBkidneys, ureters, bladder; x-rays of these structures


  2. Amenorrheaabnormal light or infrequent menstruation


  3. PharynxSingle calyce; cup-like structure at base of renal pyramid that funnals urine to renal pelvis


  4. hematuriaurination more than normal at night


  5. C-Sectionsurgical procedure in which the abdomen and uterus and incised and a baby is delivered transabdominally


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