Movement of pathogens out of host: portals of exit and Classfication of infection disease- exam 4

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What is the portals of exit?

nose, mouth, and urethra, allows the pathogens to leave the body and are of interests in studying the spread of the disease

What do direct contact transmission of infectious disease involves?

person-to-person spread by bodily contact

What is indirect contact transmission?

pathogens are transmitted via inanimated object; called formites.

When do droplet tarnsmission occurs?

third type of contact transmission; when pathogens travel in droplets of mucus less than 1 meter to a new hosts as a result of speaking, coughing or sneezing.

What do vehicle transmission involves?

airborn, waterborn, and foodborn transmission.

What are the examples of airborne?

chickenpox, Tb, measles, histoplasmosis

What is aerosols?

clouds of water droplets, which travel more than 1 meter in airborn transmission

what is fecal-oral infection?

major source of disease transmission in the world; can result from sewage-contaminated drinking water or from ingesting fecal contaminants.

What is bodily fluid transmission?

spread of pathogens via blood, urine, saliva, or other fluids

What is vectors?

transmit pathogens between hosts

What is biological vectors?

animals, usually bitting arthropods, that serve as both host and vector of pathogens

What is mechanical vectors?

not hosts to the pathogens they carry

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