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  1. First to observe microorganisms
  2. First to observe antiseptic/disinfectant; carbolic acid
  3. Vaccinations for this infection include Salk, Sabin and OPV
  4. An organism that cannot grow without oxygen
  5. Koplik spots are characteristic lesions of this infection
  1. a poliomyelitis
  2. b Lister
  3. c measles
  4. d Obligate aerobe
  5. e Leeuwenhoek

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  1. chemoautotroph
  2. Lipid
  3. fungi
  4. nonionizing radiation, UV
  5. sanitization

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  1. What is ethylene oxide? How is it used?It is a gas used to kill all microbes and endospores but requires lengthy exposure times. It is highly penetrable and effective for use in steriliztion. Used to sterilize petree dishes.


  2. First to associate a specific organism with a specific disease.Koch


  3. What is the pH of an acid?DNA with two or more sources


  4. All members of this genius are acid-fastmycobacteria


  5. These are the primary compounds that make up the cell membrane.Proteins and phospholipids


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