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  1. Type of gene transfer that can transfer the most genetic material
  2. These organisms have a cell wall composed of chitin
  3. What is recombinant DNA?
  4. How is Hep A transmitted?
  5. What is the most severe type of Hepatitus? Has the highest mortality rate?
  1. a DNA with two or more sources
  2. b fungi
  3. c conjugation
  4. d Hepatitus D; cannot have Hep D without having Hep B.
  5. e Fecal-oral

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  1. E. coli
  2. Lister
  3. Fleming
  4. triglycerides
  5. HPV

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  1. Describe the structure of DNATwo long strands wrapped around each other to form a double helix. Looks like a twisted ladder and each strand is composed of many nucleotides. Each neucleotide is made of a sugar, phosphate and a base. There are four different bases; adenine, thymine, cytocine, guanine. Watson & Crick


  2. Submicroscopic intracellular paracitesBacillus


  3. What caused the pandemic of 1918 that killed more people that in WW1?Viroid


  4. The aerobic sporeformer geniusBacillus


  5. This organism is an acidophile; causes gastric ulcersfungi


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