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  1. "Break-bone fever"
  2. This virus is a "slapped cheek" appearance in children
  3. All members of this genius are acid-fast
  4. What is capnophile?
  5. Antibodies and enzymes are examples.
  1. a Dengue Fever
  2. b CO2 lover
  3. c Proteins
  4. d mycobacteria
  5. e Fifth Disease

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  1. Viroid
  2. measles
  3. Acetyl CoA
  4. virus
  5. Salmonella

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  1. Nitrifying bacteria are examples of this nutritional typechemoautotroph


  2. One must have chickenpox first to develop this infectionshingles


  3. These organisms prefer oxygen but can ferment if oxygen is presentFacultive anaerobe


  4. Coldsorestranscription


  5. These organisms are classified according to locomotionprotozoa


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