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  1. Another term for cleaning
  2. How can you grow viruses?
  3. Nitrifying bacteria are examples of this nutritional type
  4. A salivary gland infection that can lead to sterility in postpubertal males
  5. These divide by binary fission
  1. a sanitization
  2. b bacteria, prokaryotes
  3. c animals, cell host, fertal egg
  4. d mumps
  5. e chemoautotroph

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  1. Respiratory Syncytial Virus, RSV
  2. Beadle and Tatum
  3. conjugation
  4. Herpes, Rubella, Cytomegaloviruses
  5. psychophile

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  1. Type of enzyme always present in a cell.constitutive


  2. Discovered penicillinLactobacillus acidophilus


  3. This germicidal activity is about 260 nmnonionizing radiation, UV


  4. This disease has been completely eradicated by vaccination in 1980Respiratory Syncytial Virus, RSV


  5. The main energy source for most living cells?ATP


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