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  1. These organisms grow in the refrigerator
  2. Glucose --->pyruvic acid
  3. What is the difference between competitive and noncompetitive enzyme inhibition?
  4. All members of this genius are acid-fast
  5. 100*C
  1. a Glycolosis, 2 ATP
  2. b psychophile
  3. c mycobacteria
  4. d boiling
  5. e Competive fills the active site of an enzyme substrate and competes with the normal substrate for the active site. Noncompetitive (allosteric inhibition) interacts with another site (allosteric site) of the enzyme site. This interaction causes the active site to change shape making it nonfunctional.

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  1. mycoplasma
  2. Lyophilization
  3. chemoautotroph
  4. covalent bonds
  5. Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonos

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  1. Discovered phagocytic cellsHerpes simplex 1


  2. Gram neg bacillus; normal bacteria of the large intestineE. coli


  3. These divide by binary fissionbacteria, prokaryotes


  4. What is the purpose of endospores?survival


  5. This is an example of an obligate Halophileacid < 7, base > 7


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