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  1. These microbes have no cell wall, only a cell membrane
  2. What is monotrichous? How many flagella?
  3. This virus is a "slapped cheek" appearance in children
  4. The main energy source for most living cells?
  5. Enzymes that are only present if the substrate is present (certain conditions exist)
  1. a ATP
  2. b A single flagellum at one pole, has one flagella
  3. c protozoa
  4. d Fifth Disease
  5. e inducible

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  1. Needham
  2. psychophile
  3. fungi
  4. pasteurization
  5. autoclave

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  1. All members of this genius are acid-fastmycobacteria


  2. What is capnophile?Fecal-oral


  3. Discovered penicillinMetchnikoff


  4. Developed the vaccine for smallpoxLactobacillus acidophilus


  5. Negri bodies are characteristic inclusion bodies of this virusmeasles


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