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  1. What bacteria is used in the Ames test?
  2. Type of gene transfer that can transfer the most genetic material
  3. These organisms require oxygen at a lower concentration than found in the atmosphere
  4. How can you grow viruses?
  5. Freeze-drying to preserve bacteria
  1. a microaerophiles
  2. b conjugation
  3. c Lyophilization
  4. d animals, cell host, fertal egg
  5. e Salmonella

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  1. bacteriaphage
  2. Leeuwenhoek
  3. fungi
  4. Competive fills the active site of an enzyme substrate and competes with the normal substrate for the active site. Noncompetitive (allosteric inhibition) interacts with another site (allosteric site) of the enzyme site. This interaction causes the active site to change shape making it nonfunctional.
  5. Obligate aerobe

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  1. Genetic transfer involving "naked DNA"Dengue Fever


  2. "Father of Microbiology", Disproved spontaneous generationPastuer


  3. Negri bodies are characteristic inclusion bodies of this virusstyphylococcus


  4. These organisms grow best at room or body temperatureThermophiles


  5. What is recombinant DNA?CO2 lover


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