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  1. These organisms possess only one chromosome
  2. These are catalase negative organisms
  3. This organism reproduces by spores
  4. How can you grow viruses?
  5. This genius has no call wall; a naturally occuring protoplast
  1. a bacteria, prokaryote
  2. b animals, cell host, fertal egg
  3. c mycoplasma
  4. d anaerobes and aerotolerant bacteria such streptococcus and entercoccus
  5. e fungi

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  1. Lactobacillus acidophilus
  2. protozoa
  3. Competive fills the active site of an enzyme substrate and competes with the normal substrate for the active site. Noncompetitive (allosteric inhibition) interacts with another site (allosteric site) of the enzyme site. This interaction causes the active site to change shape making it nonfunctional.
  4. pasteurization
  5. conjugation

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  1. Who was Semmelweiss?Handwashing


  2. Viruses that infect bacteriabacteriaphage


  3. Koplik spots are characteristic lesions of this infectionshingles


  4. Submicroscopic intracellular paracitesvirus


  5. These microorganisms grow better at high temperaturesmesophile


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