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  1. First to observe microorganisms
  2. Discovered phagocytic cells
  3. Type of gene transfer that can transfer the most genetic material
  4. What kind of chemical bonds hold organic material together?
  5. Who was Semmelweiss?
  1. a Handwashing
  2. b covalent bonds
  3. c conjugation
  4. d Leeuwenhoek
  5. e Metchnikoff

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  1. boiling
  2. Dengue Fever
  3. animals, cell host, fertal egg
  4. Acetyl CoA
  5. Beadle and Tatum

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  1. The main energy source for most living cells?Water


  2. This phase of cellular respiration takes place in the prokaryotic cell membraneprotozoa


  3. Composed of glycerol and fatty acidstriglycerides


  4. Describe the structure of DNATwo long strands wrapped around each other to form a double helix. Looks like a twisted ladder and each strand is composed of many nucleotides. Each neucleotide is made of a sugar, phosphate and a base. There are four different bases; adenine, thymine, cytocine, guanine. Watson & Crick


  5. First to observe antiseptic/disinfectant; carbolic acidbacteriaphage


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