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  1. II, special sensory: carry visual information from retina to optic tracts and visual cortex
    TEST: vision tests
  2. IV, sensory & motor: Innervate 1 extrinsic eye muscle
    TEST: track moving object with eyes

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  1. trochlearV, 3 branches:
    1. Opthalamic branch: sensory input from skin around eyes and forehead
    2. Maxillary branch: sensory input from skin, teeth, gums of upper jaw, palate and lower eyelid
    3. Mandibular branch: sensory input from teeth, gums, lips of lower jaw; motor control over muscles of mastication
    TEST: touch face with pointed object, clench teeth and move jaw side to side


  2. olfactoryIII, Innervate 4 of the 6 extrinsic eye muscles and levator muscle that raises eyelids, control smooth muscle of the iris and ciliary body
    TEST: track moving object with eyes, check


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