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  1. baleful
  2. cloister
  3. auxiliary
  4. balk
  5. coin
  1. a monastery or convent
  2. b offering or providing help; additional or subsidiary
  3. c make coins; invent or fabricate
  4. d stop short, as if faced with an obstacle, and refuse to continue
  5. e threatening; menacing; sinister

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  1. pertaining to soil deposits left by running water
  2. concluding section of a musical or literary composition; something that rounds out, summarizes, or concludes
  3. pretense of ignorance of something wronge; assistance; permission to offend. With the connivance of his friends, he pitted to embarrass his teacheres
  4. coax; wheedle
  5. feel or express pity or sympathy for

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  1. captiousfaultfinding


  2. carapaceshell covering the back of (turtle, crab, etc)


  3. auroralreduce brittleness and improve toughness by heating and cooling


  4. cerebralpertaining to the brain or intellect


  5. bluffthreatening; menacing; sinister


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