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  1. aver
  2. cordon
  3. consummate
  4. cataract
  5. browbeat
  1. a assert confidently or declare
  2. b bully; intimidate
  3. c wholly without flaw; supremely skilled; complete and utter
  4. d great waterfall; eye abnormality
  5. e extended line of men or fortifications to prevent access or exit

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  1. harass or trouble; hem in
  2. trying to please; overly polite; obliging
  3. a place where bees are kept
  4. resemblance to remote ancestors rather than to parents
  5. bless or sanctify; proclaim someone dead to be one of the blessed

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  1. ancillarylike an uncle


  2. addendumaddition


  3. concentrichaving a common center


  4. alloyfriendship


  5. callowcalm; pacify


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