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  1. eclipse
  2. neologism
  3. quiver
  4. parochial
  5. avant-grade
  1. a to overshadow
  2. b a group active in inventing and applying new techniques especially in the arts
  3. c restricted; limited; narrow; local
  4. d new word or phrase
  5. e to shake; to tremble from fear or cold

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  1. to improve though change or correction
  2. relevant
  3. casual; disdainful
  4. careful about every detail or behavior
  5. deviation from church doctrine or from an established belief

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  1. dismalproper or fitting with respect to established customs


  2. seemlyproper or fitting with respect to established customs


  3. trovethe ordinary form of written or spoken language, without rhyme or meter


  4. pedigreerecord of ancestry; family tree


  5. fatuoussmugly foolish; complacently stupid


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