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  1. Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  2. Zombie Computer
  3. Offshoring
  4. Phishing Scams
  5. Virus
  1. a A computer that carries out actions (often malicious) under the remote control of a hacker either directly or through spyware or a virus
  2. b specific language provided with the DBMS that allows people and other database users to access, modify, and make queries about data contained in the database, and to generate reports
  3. c business practice that relocates an entire production line to another location in order to enjoy cheaper labor
  4. d program that attaches itself to a file, spreads to other files, and delivers a destructive action called a payload
  5. e combine both spoofed e-mail and a spoofed Web site in order to trick a person into providing private information

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  1. combines traditional disciplines, like science and medicine, with computer systems and technology
  2. product of the mind or intellect over which the owner holds legal entitlement
  3. a type of electronic business card that is attached to Internet transaction data to verify the sender of the data
  4. when a government or authority controls speech and other forms of expression
  5. commonly accepted guidelines or procedures that usually find a good solution, but not necessarily the optimal solution—are often used in the decision-making process

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  1. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)use words that are unrelated to your interests, include upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols, unique, change regularly


  2. Databases and Database Management Systems (DBMS)consists of a group of programs that manipulate the database and provide an interface between the database and the user or the database and application programs


  3. Internet frauda form of terrorism that uses attacks over the Internet to intimidate and harm a population


  4. Transactionan exchange or transfer of goods, services, or funds


  5. Biometricscombines traditional disciplines, like science and medicine, with computer systems and technology


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