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  1. Data Mining
  2. Identity theft
  3. Thoughts the human brain can carry out per second
  4. Groupware
  5. Data Dictionary
  1. a a million billion
  2. b the criminal act of using stolen information about a person to assume that person's identity, typically for financial gain
  3. c GDSS Software
  4. d detailed description of all data used in the database
  5. e process of extracting information from a data warehouse or a data mart

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  1. area of computer science that deals with simulating human thought and behavior in computers
  2. Antivirus, Firewall, Antispyware
  3. business practice that relocates an entire production line to another location in order to enjoy cheaper labor
  4. aggravation of the pathway for nerves that travel through the wrist
  5. network hardware and software that examines all incoming data packets and filters out ones that are potentially dangerous

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  1. Informaticsthe science and technology of authentication by scanning and measuring a person's unique physical features such as fingerprints, retinal patterns, and facial characteristics


  2. B2BBusiness to business e commerce


  3. Relational Databasedatabase in which the actual data may be spread across several databases at different locations, connected via telecommunications devices


  4. Scheduled Reportsdeveloped to get certain information at a person's request


  5. Database Management Systemassists an organization in capturing, storing, and distributing knowledge for use and reuse by the organization and sometimes by its partners and customers


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