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  1. Safeguards for protection against data destroyed by malicious software and hacking attempts
  2. Informatics
  3. Virus
  4. Transaction
  5. Group decision support systems
  1. a designed to provide effective support in group decision-making settings
  2. b Antivirus, Firewall, Antispyware
  3. c program that attaches itself to a file, spreads to other files, and delivers a destructive action called a payload
  4. d combines traditional disciplines, like science and medicine, with computer systems and technology
  5. e an exchange or transfer of goods, services, or funds

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  1. A computer that carries out actions (often malicious) under the remote control of a hacker either directly or through spyware or a virus
  2. the close monitoring of behavior
  3. uses private communications networks called value-added networks (vans) to transmit standardized transaction between partners and suppliers
  4. information system used to support problem-specific decision making
  5. aggravation of the pathway for nerves that travel through the wrist

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  1. Spywareacts as a free agent, replicating itself numerous times in an effort to overwhelm systems


  2. Scheduled Reportsdeveloped to get certain information at a person's request


  3. Business Intelligencethe use of data mining to help increase efficiency, reduce costs, or increase profits


  4. Distributed Databasedatabase model in which all data elements are placed in 2D tables called relations that are the logical equivalent of files


  5. Object Oriented (OO) systems developmentsystems investigation, systems analysis, systems design, systems implementation, systems maintenance and review


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