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  1. Primary Key
  2. Intellectual property
  3. Virtual Reality System
  4. Groupware
  5. Biometrics
  1. a computer simulated environment or event
  2. b the science and technology of authentication by scanning and measuring a person's unique physical features such as fingerprints, retinal patterns, and facial characteristics
  3. c A field that uniquely identifies a record
  4. d product of the mind or intellect over which the owner holds legal entitlement
  5. e GDSS Software

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  1. Antivirus, Firewall, Antispyware
  2. security technique that uses high-level mathematical functions and computer algorithms to encode data so that it is unintelligible to all but the intended recipient
  3. automate many of the tasks required in a systems development effort
  4. produced periodically on a schedule
  5. software installed on a computer without the user's knowledge to either monitor the user or allow an outside party to control the computer

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  1. Data Manipulation Language (DML)most popular data manipulation language


  2. Knowledge Management (KM) Systemconsists of a group of programs that manipulate the database and provide an interface between the database and the user or the database and application programs


  3. Wormconsumer to consumer e commerce (such as craigslist or eBay)


  4. Ethics and laws concerning sharing of MP3 and copyright materialsharing copyright material is bad and against the law


  5. Business Intelligencethe close monitoring of behavior


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