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CGS2100 concepts 2 exam Test

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  1. War Driving
  2. Outsourcing
  3. Spyware
  4. Groupware
  5. Optimization Model
  1. a software installed on a computer without the user's knowledge to either monitor the user or allow an outside party to control the computer
  2. b The act of driving through neighborhoods with a wireless notebook looking for unsecured wifi networks
  3. c a business' use of an outside company to take over portions of its workload
  4. d finds the best solution, usually the one that will best help individuals or organizations meet their goals
  5. e GDSS Software

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  1. an information system designed to provide routine information to managers and decision makers
  2. network hardware and software that examines all incoming data packets and filters out ones that are potentially dangerous
  3. database model in which all data elements are placed in 2D tables called relations that are the logical equivalent of files
  4. an exchange or transfer of goods, services, or funds
  5. a million billion

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  1. AIbusiness to consumer e commerce (such as amazon)


  2. Data Manipulation Language (DML)specific language provided with the DBMS that allows people and other database users to access, modify, and make queries about data contained in the database, and to generate reports


  3. Offshoringbusiness practice that relocates an entire production line to another location in order to enjoy cheaper labor


  4. Data Dictionarythe accuracy of the data in a database


  5. Data Integritythe accuracy of the data in a database


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