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  1. how are the anterior pituitary hormones classified?
  2. what are the 3 ways hormones are stimulated
  3. what are the effects of prolactin?
  4. what regulates Growth hormone?
  5. what are the two main classes of hormones?
  1. a stimulates milk productoin
  2. b all are proteins
  3. c GHRH- growth hormone releasing hormone
    GHIH- grwoth hormone inhibiting hormone
  4. d amino acid based hormones and steroids
  5. e humoral, neural, hormonal

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  1. amines, thyroxine, peptides, and proteins
  2. somatotrophs
  3. prolactin-inhibiting hormone
  4. hormones
  5. cholesterol

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  1. Name the 5 endocrine glandsFSH, LH,


  2. what produces thyroid stimulating hormone?somatotrophs


  3. Name the 6 Anterior pituitary hormonesGH, TSH, ACTH, FSH, LH, PRL


  4. chemicals that exert effects on the same cells tat secrete themparacrines


  5. what are the two steroidal hormones?amino acid based hormones and steroids


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