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  1. conjecture
  2. destitution
  3. ledger
  4. ramshackle
  5. patriarch
  1. a a man who rules a family clan; a very respected old man
  2. b an inference or conclusion based on incomplete evidence
  3. c a book for keeping financial records
  4. d the lack of any means of subsistence
  5. e about to fall apart or fall down

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  1. an example; a model
  2. lacking light; dim; dark
  3. to expose to view by digging out
  4. external appearance, esp. a false one
  5. unpredictable because dependent on chance; dependent on something uncertain

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  1. juxtaposea basic or principal item, esp. food; adj. principal


  2. articulateperfectly clean


  3. retrospecta man who rules a family clan; a very respected old man


  4. ironya use of words in which the intended meaning is very different from the literal sense; an incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs, esp. one that suggests a lesson about human folly


  5. partisanan example; a model


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