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  1. immaculate
  2. bequeath
  3. lethargic
  4. articulate
  5. conjecture
  1. a perfectly clean
  2. b able to express oneself clearly and effectively
  3. c to pass down; to hand down, esp. in a will
  4. d an inference or conclusion based on incomplete evidence
  5. e dull; sluggish; moving slowly

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  1. to arrange so as to achieve a desired effect
  2. a book for keeping financial records
  3. a strong, often militant, supporter
  4. lacking light; dim; dark
  5. a man who rules a family clan; a very respected old man

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  1. calamityan example; a model


  2. guiseexternal appearance, esp. a false one


  3. excavatedperfectly clean


  4. destitutioncharacterized by intense activity


  5. umbragean example; a model


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