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  1. may be merged or one proceeding suspended until the other concluded; if merged with reissue, inter partes rules govern, but requestor can participate; identical papers filed and same claims must be pending in both files, and reissue patent also serves as the reexam certificate
  2. Commissioner is empowered to suspend one proceeding until the other is concluded
  3. 1.3rd party requestor may file wriiten comments, once, to patent owner's reply to each OA
    2. Must be filed within 30 days of receiveing service of patent owner's reply to OA
    3. no EOT
    4. written comment (50 max) must be limited to issues raised in OA & reply
    5.citations of additional prior art are limited to those necessart to respond to patent owner's reply and issues raised by examiner in OA

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  1. Does patent owner need to disclose any other proceedings to examinerYES
    like ex parte reexam


  2. What happens if there are multiple reexams?1. the patent owner
    2. party who previously lost in a court action on a validity challenge to the patent on the basis of issues raised or issues that could have been raised
    3. a party who has previously requested an inter partes reexam which has been granted and is still pending
    4. a party who has previously requested an inter partes reexam in which a final decision favorable to the patentability of a claim was made on the basis of issues raised (or could have been) on previous request


  3. Strict 9 Step Appeal Procedure1.appeal brief - due two months from notice of appeal
    2.respondent's brief- due one month from service of appeal brief
    3.examiner's answer: no new grounds fro rejection (or reopen pros)
    4. rebuttul brief- due one month from examiner's answer
    5.request fro oral hearing-due 2 months from examiner's answer
    6 oral arguement-20 mins for examiner and 30 mins for each partyt
    7. decision by Board
    8. petition for rehearing due one month from initial decision
    9. appeal to federal circuit by patent owner


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