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  1. model preparations
  2. reflex
  3. presynaptic neuron
  4. synaptic efficacy
  5. unconditioned response (unconditional response, UR)
  1. a the effectiveness with which a signal from a presynaptic neuron activates a postsynaptic neuron
  2. b reliable environment-behavior relation, largely the result of natural selection
  3. c the neuron transmitting (producing/sending) the stimulation
  4. d artificial, highly simplified, experimental arrangements used to clearly show the effects of the variables being studied
  5. e the response elicited by the US in the classical procedure

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  1. 1; rule of learning incorporating selection processes in classical & operant procedures; 2; states that when a behavioral discrepancy occurs, an environment-behavior relation is selected consisting of stimuli present immediately before the discrepancy and responses occurring just before the elicited response
  2. an eliciting stimulus that functions to select environment-behavior relations
  3. an excitatory, amino acid neurotransmitter
  4. an object or event that includes separable stimulus components, such as a light and a tone
  5. extent to which a response reliably follows presentation of a stimulus

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  1. computer simulationuse of computers to model relations among real-world events, including those between the environment and the behavior of an organism


  2. operantsa neuromodulator released by neurons in the VTA; its presence in a synapse produces long term increases in synaptic efficacy (2)


  3. dopamineresponses that 1. are less reliably evoked by antecedent stimuli than respondents, 2. the antecedent stimulus is not well specified, and 3. which generally produce eliciting consequences


  4. eliciting stimulus (or "elicitor")object or event that reliably produces behavior as result of natural (phylogenic) selection
    (1) (note: same as US)


  5. temporal contiguitythe occurrence of two events with a very short time interval between them


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