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  1. motivating stimulus (or motivator)
  2. unified principle of reinforcement
  3. conditioned stimulus (conditional stimulus, CS)
  4. eliciting function
  5. contingency
  1. a a relation in which the occurrence of one event depends on the occurrence of another event
  2. b extent to which a response reliably follows presentation of a stimulus
  3. c 1; rule of learning incorporating selection processes in classical & operant procedures; 2; states that when a behavioral discrepancy occurs, an environment-behavior relation is selected consisting of stimuli present immediately before the discrepancy and responses occurring just before the elicited response
  4. d stimulus which comes to evoke behavior by being paired with the eliciting stimulus in the classical procedure
  5. e stimulus that functions to establish other stimuli as reinforcers or punishers.

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  1. procedure for studying or producing learning by presenting an eliciting stimulus after a response
  2. artificial, highly simplified, experimental arrangements used to clearly show the effects of the variables being studied
  3. a pair of fine wires, insulated from one another except at their tips, that is inserted into a brain region to stimulate neurons or monitor their activity
  4. reliable environment-behavior relation, largely the result of natural selection
  5. stimulus that functions as reinforcer in operant procedures by having been paired with other reinforcers.

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  1. conditioned response (conditional response, CR)the response evoked by the CS in the classical procedure.


  2. superstitious behaviora spurious environment-behavior relation that emerges without true dependencies between the behavior and eliciting stimuli


  3. reinforcerreliable environment-behavior relation, largely the result of natural selection


  4. deprivationweakening of unlearned environment-behavior relations when an stimulus is repeatedly presented without consequence


  5. unconditioned response (unconditional response, UR)the response evoked by the CS in the classical procedure.


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