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  1. glutamate
  2. operants
  3. input units
  4. unconditioned stimulus (unconditional stimulus, US)
  5. conditioned reinforcer
  1. a stimulus that functions as reinforcer in operant procedures by having been paired with other reinforcers.
  2. b an excitatory, amino acid neurotransmitter
  3. c object or event that reliably produces behavior as result of natural (phylogenic) selection
    (2) (note: same as eliciting stimulus)
  4. d an element of an adaptive neural network, simulating the activity of a neuron or group of neurons that mediate environmental events
  5. e responses that 1. are less reliably evoked by antecedent stimuli than respondents, 2. the antecedent stimulus is not well specified, and 3. which generally produce eliciting consequences

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  1. behavioral complexity is best understood as outcome of selection mechanisms operating in the individual's environment
  2. limitations, resulting from natural selection, on the outcome of behavioral selection by reinforcement
  3. increase in response probability to a range of other stimuli resulting from (usually intense) stimulus presentation
  4. the response evoked by the CS in the classical procedure.
  5. responses that are reliably evoked by a stimulus

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  1. electrodea behavioral process in which an earlier stimulus paired with an elicitor prevents learning with a later stimulus paired with the same elicitor


  2. behavioral discrepancythe difference between ongoing behavior before and immediately following presentation of an eliciting stimulus


  3. deprivationweakening of unlearned environment-behavior relations when an stimulus is repeatedly presented without consequence


  4. eliciting stimulus (or "elicitor")stimulus that functions to establish other stimuli as reinforcers or punishers.


  5. presynaptic neuronthe neuron transmitting (producing/sending) the stimulation


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