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  1. Chief of Security
  2. Academic Officer
  3. Public Affairs Officer
  4. Director of Operations
  5. Assistant Chief of Standardization and Evaluation
  1. a C/Capt. Ryan A. Cambell
  2. b C/Capt. Timothy W. Clark
  3. c C/1st Lt. Kristin M. Ellison
  4. d C/Capt. Joseph E. Silvio
  5. e C/Lt. Col Steven A. Pike

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  1. C/1st Lt. Vitali O. Benz
  2. C/Capt. Adam L. Ediger
  3. C/1st Lt. Andrew V. Shwieckert
  4. C/Maj. Krystal A. Glover
  5. C/Capt. Kyle T. Miller

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  1. Major Training Events OfficerC/Capt. Joshua M. Day


  2. Chief of Standardization and EvaluationC/Maj. Ester Kim


  3. Executive OfficerC/Capt. Matthew T. Bender


  4. Athletics OfficerC/Capt. Ryan A. Cambell


  5. Assistant Chief of TrainingC/1st Lt. Nicholas W. Strobel


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