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  1. _________accelerate chemical reactions that occur in the human body.
  2. A small rough bump on bone where a tendon attaches is called ____________
  3. Cells that secrete the organic components of the bone matrix are called
  4. Functions of epithelia include all of the following, EXCEPT
  5. The chin is ________ to the nose.
  1. a Inferior
  2. b Supporting muscle cells
  3. c Osteoblasts
  4. d Tuburocistiy
  5. e Enzymes

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  1. Are inert gases
  2. Pelvic quadrant
  3. Cell nutrient
  4. Illium
  5. Closed

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  1. A fracture at the ankle involving both lower leg bones is ofter called a _____________Pott fracture


  2. Another name for the first toe isAre the body's most readily available source of energy


  3. The two major divisions of the ventral body cavity are theThoracic and abdominopelvic


  4. The shaft of a long bone isThe diaphysis


  5. The mass of an atom is largely determined by the number of ______ it has.Wrist


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