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  1. The zygomatic bone articulates with the __________ bone to form the zygomatic arch.
  2. Glands that secrete hormones in the interstitial fluid are
  3. Which of the following terms is NOT used to define the structure that separates the contents of a human cell from its surrounding medium?
  4. Anatomical features that changes during illness are studied in ___________anatomy
  5. The study of the liver is to gross anatomy as the study of the liver cell is to
  1. a Endocrine glands
  2. b Cell wall
  3. c Cytology
  4. d Pathological
  5. e Temporal

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  1. Short
  2. Form essential structural components of cells
    Cushion organs against shocks
    Help to maintain body temperature
    Provide roughly twice the energy as carbohydrates
  3. Digestive, urinary, and reproductive
  4. Ph
  5. Bone

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  1. A solution containing equal numbers of hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions isNeutral


  2. What functions to propagate electrical signal from one place to another?Neorons


  3. Tubulin is a microtubules as actin is toMicrofilaments


  4. The branch of biological science that deals with the study of how living organisms perform their vital functions is calledPhysiology


  5. This prevents damaging bone to bone contact within movable jointsBone matrix is dissolved


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