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  1. The odontoid process is found on the
  2. Each one of the coxal bones is formed by the fushion of _________bones.
  3. Mary,who is 6 months pregnant, goes to her physician for a test to check the developement of her fetus. The physician uses a device that emits sound waves to produce an image of the fetus. This technique is
  4. The analysis of the internal structure of individual cells is called
  5. Ions with a + charge are called
  1. a 4
  2. b Cations
  3. c Cytology
  4. d Axis
  5. e An ultrasound

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  1. Mandible
  2. An Head
  3. Cytology
  4. Hyiod
  5. Costal cartilage

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  1. Molecules that store and process genentic information are theAdipocytes


  2. Each of the following bones is a component of the orbital complex, EXCEPT the ___________Areolar tissue


  3. The chin is ________ to the nose.Medial


  4. The center of an atom is called theThoracic vertebrae


  5. Simple columnar Epithelia are foundLining the stomach


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