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  1. Endochondral ossificiation begins with the formation of a
  2. The Pyrimidine bases found in DNA are
  3. Which of the following substances would be most acidic?
  4. Carbohydrate molecules
  5. The branch of biological science that studies the external and internal structure of the body and the physical relationship among body parts is called
  1. a Anatomy
  2. b Are the body's most readily available source of energy
  3. c Cartilage model
  4. d Cystonin and Thymine
  5. e Stomach secretions, pH=1

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  1. Vertebra
  2. Endocrine glands
  3. Calcium
  4. Integumentary
  5. Ischial tuberosities

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  1. Ions with a + charge are calledCations


  2. Which one of the following is NOT one of the four main tissue categories?Osseous tissue


  3. The second cervical vertebra is usually call theBone


  4. The radius articulates with theThe diaphysis


  5. What organ is located in the lacrimal fossaDistal


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