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  1. Ions with a + charge are called
  2. Through the action of asteoclasts
  3. The surface feature present along the lateral border of the shaft of humerus is the
  4. When body temperature rises, a center in the brain initiates physiological changes to decrease the body temperature. This is an example of
  5. Cells that store fat are called
  1. a Bone matrix is dissolved
  2. b Negative feedback
  3. c Deltoid tuberosity
  4. d Adipocytes
  5. e Cations

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  1. Endocrine glands
  2. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)
  3. Mucous
  4. The cell
  5. Costal cartilage

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  1. Each one of the coxal bones is formed by the fushion of _________bones.4


  2. The radius articulates with theAcromion


  3. The actual mass of an atom is known as itsThe diaphysis


  4. LipidsForm essential structural components of cells
    Cushion organs against shocks
    Help to maintain body temperature
    Provide roughly twice the energy as carbohydrates


  5. Chondroitin sulfate is abundant in the matrix ofBone


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