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  1. The pituitary gland and thyroid gland are organs of the ________________ system
  2. Oppositely charged ions in solution are prevented from combining by
  3. Which property of water helps keep body temperature stabilized?
  4. The shaft of long bones is called the ___________
  5. The calvaria (or skullcap) is formed by the ________ bones
  1. a Hydrogen bonding
  2. b Endorcrine
  3. c Thermal Inertia
  4. d Diaphsis
  5. e Frontal,parietal, and occipital

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  1. Peritoneum
  2. Peritoneum
  3. Endothelium
  4. Supporting muscle cells
  5. Pott fracture

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  1. The most abundant cell type in bone isHyaline Cartalige


  2. Cells that store fat are calledMetacarpals


  3. Which of these is a forearm bone?Metacarpals


  4. Isotopes of an element differ in the number ofNeutrons in the nucleus


  5. Which of the following is NOT a function of membrane proteins?Cell nutrient


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