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  1. Which of the following regions corresponds to the buttocks?
  2. A polysaccharide that is formed in liver and muscle cells to store glucose is
  3. The serous membrane covering the stomach and most of the intestines is called the
  4. Electrons whirl around the center of the atom at high speed, forming an ______________
  5. __________molecules are compounds that contain carbon as the primary structural atom.
  1. a Glycogen
  2. b Peritoneum
  3. c Organic
  4. d Electron cloud
  5. e Gluteal

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  1. Pelvic quadrant
  2. Skeletal
  3. Cytology
  4. Calcification
  5. Exergonic

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  1. The calvaria (or skullcap) is formed by the ________ bonesFrontal,parietal, and occipital


  2. The pituitary gland and thyroid gland are organs of the ________________ systemEndorcrine


  3. Identify a structure located within the mediastinumPericardial Sac


  4. Most of the ATP required to power cellular operations is produced in theAxis


  5. The tendency for physiological systems to stabilize internal conditions is called ________Metaphesis


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