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  1. epsiprantel (Cestex) (effective against)
  2. imidazothiazoles (mechanism)
  3. organophosphates (side effects)
  4. sulfadimethoxine (Albon) (mechanism)
  5. milbemycin (Sentinel/Interceptor)
  1. a stimulate the nematode's cholinergic nervous system, leading to paralysis of the parasite (not ovicidal)
  2. b once monthly oral preventative (HW), used to prevent third stage larvae from reaching maturity, also a microfilaricide
  3. c neurologic side effects, narrow range of safety, not for use in HW positive dogs
  4. d Dipylidium and Taenia, but not Echinococcus
  5. e reduces the number of oocysts shed

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  1. monthly topical flea and tick preventative, demodex and sarcoptes on dogs ONLY
  2. organophosphate
  3. bots, nematodes
  4. disintegrates the cestode
  5. interferes with the energy metabolism of the worm

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  1. tetrahydropirimidines (mechanism)mimic the action of ACh and cause paralysis of the worm


  2. Which stage(s) of heartworm disease is ivermectin used to treat?first and third


  3. fenbendazole (Panacur)interferes with the energy metabolism of the worm


  4. Taenia is spread by _______________hunting/ingesting prey


  5. nitenpyram + lufenuron (Capstar Flea Management
    flea preventative; kills fleas within 30 minutes, no residual action, prevents eggs from hatching


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