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  1. piperazine (effective against)
  2. benzimidazoles (mechanism)
  3. pyrantel tartrate (Strongid/Nemex)
  4. depsipeptides (mechanism)
  5. methoprene
  1. a only ascarids, and only about 80%
  2. b stimulate presynaptic receptors which cause paralysis and death of the parasite
  3. c flea preventative; insect growth regulator; prevents molting,
    mimics juvenile hormone of parasite, no adult kill
  4. d tetrahydropirimidine
  5. e interferes with the energy metabolism of the worm

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  1. monthly topical flea preventative; do NOT use on cats
  2. piperazine
  3. reduces the number of oocysts shed
  4. once monthly oral preventative (HW), used to prevent third stage larvae from reaching maturity, also a microfilaricide
  5. monthly topical flea and tick preventative; do NOT use on cats

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  1. dinetofuran and pyriproxyfen (Vetra)monthly flea preventative for cats, kills fleas wi 6 hrs, controls all flea stages


  2. thiabendazole (Tresaderm) (other uses)benzimidazole


  3. organophosphates (side effects)neurologic side effects, narrow range of safety, not for use in HW positive dogs


  4. sulfadimethoxine (Albon)inhibits an enzyme that converts a folic acid used for metabolism in parasites to be inactive


  5. thiabendazole (Tresaderm)liver toxicity issues


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