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  1. 2404.02
  2. 2422.03
  3. 2422.07
  4. 2426
  5. 2422.02
  1. a The Requirement for Exclusive Conformance; Sequences Presented in Drawing Figures
  2. b Biological Material That Can be Made or Isolated without undue Experimentation
  3. c Amendments to or Replacement of Sequence Listing and Computer Readable Copy Thereof
  4. d Requirements for Compliance, Statements Regarding New Matter, and Sanctions for Failure to Comply
  5. e The Requirements for a Sequence Listing and Sequence Identifiers; Sequence Embeded in Application Text; Variants of a Presented Sequence

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  1. Notification of a Failure to Comply
  2. Sequence Listing Numeric Identifiers
  3. Form and Format for Nucleotide and/or Amino Acid Sequence Submissions in Computer Readable Form
  4. Publishing of Patents and Patent Application Publications With Lengthy Sequence Listings
  5. Replacement or Supplement of Deposit

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  1. 2422.09Box Sequence; Hand Delivery of Sequence Listings and Computer Readable Forms


  2. 2424Need or Opportunity to Make a Deposit

    37 CFR 1.802(a) permits a deposit of a biological material to be referenced in a patent application where an invention is, or relies on, a biological material. The invention may rely on a biological material for the purposes of making or using the invention, either as a preferred mode or an alternative mode of operation. A reference to a deposit may be included in a specification even though the deposit is not required to satisfy the requirements of 35 U.S.C. 112.


  3. 2411.05Content of Application with Respect to Deposited Material


  4. 2405Acceptable Depository

    The depository must:
    (i)Have a continuous existence;
    (ii)Exist independent of the control of the depositor;
    (iii)Possess the staff and facilities sufficient to examine the viability of a deposit and store the deposit in a manner which ensures that it is kept viable and uncontaminated;
    (iv)Provide for sufficient safety measures to minimize the risk of losing biological material deposited with it;
    (v)Be impartial and objective;
    (vi)Furnish samples of the deposited material in an expeditious and proper manner; and
    (vii)Promptly notify depositors of its inability to furnish samples, and the reasons why.


  5. 2421.01Form Paragraphs


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