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  1. 2421.02
  2. 2403.01
  3. 2404.03
  4. 2404.02
  5. 2435
  1. a Reference to a Deposit in the Specification

    a reference to a biological material, present in an application upon filing, may form the basis for making a deposit, where required, after the filing date of a given application but that the reference to the biological material, itself, cannot be added after filing without risking the prohibited introduction of new matter (35 U.S.C. 132). See the discussion of the Lundak application in MPEP ยง 2406.01. - See more at:
  2. b Biological Material That Can be Made or Isolated without undue Experimentation
  3. c Publishing of Patents and Patent Application Publications With Lengthy Sequence Listings
  4. d Summary of the Requirement of the Sequence Rules
  5. e Material Capable of Self-Replication

    Biological material includes material that is capable of self-replication either directly or indirectly.

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  1. Failure to Replace

    37 CFR 1.805(d) sets forth the Office position that the failure to make a replacement deposit in a case pending before the Office, for example a reissue or reexamination proceeding, where a deposit is considered to be necessary to satisfy the requirements of 35 U.S.C. 112, shall cause the application or patent involved to be treated in any Office proceeding as if no deposit were made. - See more at:
  2. Presumption Regarding Compliance
  3. The Requirement for a Computer Readable Copy of the Offical Copy of the Sequence Listing
  4. Form Paragraphs
  5. After Patent Has Been Granted

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  1. 2409Viability of Deposit

    Viability may be tested by the depository. The test must conclude only that the deposited material is capable of reproduction. No evidence is necessarily required regarding the ability of the deposited material to perform any function described in the patent application.


  2. 2407.05Exemption From Replacement


  3. 2427Requirements for Nucleotide and/or Amino Acid Sequences as Part of the Application Papers


  4. 2422.09The Requirements for a Sequence Listing and Sequence Identifiers; Sequence Embeded in Application Text; Variants of a Presented Sequence


  5. 2403.02Deposit After Filing Date-Corroboration

    When the original deposit is made after the effective filing date of an application for patent, an applicant is required to promptly submit a statement from a person in a position to corroborate that the biological material which is deposited is a biological material specifically identified in the application (the filing date of which is relied upon) as filed. - See more at:


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