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  1. law of conservation of energy
  2. joule
  3. compound
  4. exothermic reaction
  5. endothermic reaction
  1. a the SI unit of energy
  2. b a substance formed by the chemical combination of two or more elements in definite proportions
  3. c A reaction that ABSORBS energy in the form of heat
  4. d a reaction that releases energy in the form of heat
  5. e the law that states that energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be changed from one form to another

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  1. any substance; has mass and volume
  2. measure of space that matter takes up; mL, cm3
  3. A measure of force with which gravity pulls a body toward the center of the earth;
  4. the amount of energy required to change 1 g of a solid to a liquid
  5. a device used to measure the heat absorbed or released in a chemical or physical change

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  1. heterogeneousuniform; of the same kind


  2. temperatureA combination of two or more substances that are not chemically combined


  3. heatThe quantity of matter contained in a body; measured in grams


  4. physical changea change that produces matter with a different composition than the original matter


  5. energythe amount of mass in a given volume


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