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  1. trek (verb)
  2. puerile (adj.)
  3. sagacious (adj.)
  4. foyer (noun)
  5. decrepit (adj.)
  1. a old and feeble; worn-out; ruined
  2. b an entrance hall in a building
  3. c childish; immature
  4. d to make a make a long and difficult journey
  5. e wise

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  1. fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing
  2. weird; mysterious; strange and frightening
  3. full of life; lively
  4. troubled or bothered
  5. drooping; without energy; sluggish

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  1. diverse (adj.)weird; mysterious; strange and frightening


  2. erudite (adj.)learned; knowledgeable; well-read


  3. insipid (adj.)uninteresting; tiresome


  4. genial (adj.)cheerful and friendly


  5. amble/stroll (verb)to walk slowly or leisurely as if without a purpose


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