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  1. Personal/social-economic resources
  2. Information support
  3. Reciprocity
  4. Meaning-focused coping
  5. Role-related stressors
  1. a the extent to which the individual both receives support from others and provides it to others
  2. b stressors that emerge from the roles we occupy in life (eg parent, student, CEO)
  3. c advice, guidance
  4. d strategies that attempt to find meaning in teh stressor through reappraisal; often leads to growh or learning important lessons; can be based on spiritual beliefs or on a person's philosophy of living
  5. e individual skills, competencies, characteristics and belief that promote adaptive coping

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  1. genetic vulnerability, temperament, cognitive abilities, physiological factors, gender, race/ethnicity, personality traits, prior life experiences, ongoing inidividual conditions
  2. relationships can be supportive and stressful; multidimensional vs unidimensional; reciprocity; density
  3. events associated with developmentally related phases of life; typically require learning new skills and roles
  4. short-term, small scale incidents that require adjustment; often emerge from life events, life transitions, or chronic stressors
  5. role-related stressors; multiple role demands; role conflict; status-based stressors

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  1. Distal factorsare predisposing processes, which directly and indirectly shape stressors, resources, coping processes, and outcomes; they are distal in relation to stress reactions and coping


  2. Primary dimensions of copingproblem-focused/emotion-focused; individual/collective; prosocial/antisocial


  3. Cognitive forms of problem-focused copoingconnecting suffering to one's faith being tested, seeing failure as feedback


  4. Types of stressorsambient/chronic stressors (distal), life events, life transitions, daily hassles, disasters


  5. Individual coping strategiesstrategies that focus on the effect of the stressor on oneself and one's life; aimed at reducing personal harm and distress


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