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  1. Meaning-focused coping
  2. Density
  3. Interpersonal dimension of coping
  4. Empowerment
  5. Life transitions
  1. a events associated with developmentally related phases of life; typically require learning new skills and roles
  2. b the extent of relationships between the persons in your network other than you
  3. c increased access to and utilization of values resources
  4. d strategies that attempt to find meaning in teh stressor through reappraisal; often leads to growh or learning important lessons; can be based on spiritual beliefs or on a person's philosophy of living
  5. e prosocial and antisocial coping

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  1. focal concern, peer relationships, reciprocity of helping, helper therapy principle, experential knowledge, generate community naratives
  2. aspects of teh physical environment or tangible factors that can be purchased or provided by others
  3. community and organization psychologiests consult with these settings, seeking to: change organizational polices; alter organizational roles, decision making, or communication; or deal with issues such as work-family relationships, human diversity and intergroup conflict
  4. social skills, empathy, time-management skills, problem-solving skills, optimism, self-esteem
  5. advice, guidance

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  1. Positive coping outcomeswellness, resilience, thriving, social embeddedness, empowerement


  2. Tangible supportavailability and utilization of interpersonal connections to manage stress; lots of research indicates that social support is strongly related to decreased physical and psychological illness and positive well-being


  3. Prevention and promotion programskenneth pargament; spiritual coping can help make sense of the "incomprehensible, unfathomable, uncontrollable"; religious and spiritual beliefs can also lead to negative outcomes


  4. Crisis interventionlarge-scale events that effect entire communities, regions, or nations; can have effect on physical and mental health, family functioning, social dynamics, shelter and safety, etc..examples: 9/11, hurricane katrina, war in iraq


  5. Personal context of generalized supportemotional support within the context of close relationships; depth of support networks


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