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  1. Distal factors
  2. Specific support
  3. Examples of material resources
  4. Prosocial coping
  5. Stressors
  1. a strategies that reflect positive interpersonal behavior; caring for others, building relationships, seeking support, considering others in decision-making
  2. b stimuli that influence various outcome states; life experiences and conditions of life; person-environment transactions reflecting external demands or circumstances; tax or exceed existing personal and social resources; vary in duration, severity, quantity, personal meaning, and point of impact; threaten or result in harm or loss
  3. c money, food, transportation
  4. d are predisposing processes, which directly and indirectly shape stressors, resources, coping processes, and outcomes; they are distal in relation to stress reactions and coping
  5. e or enacted support; encouragement, tangible support, informational support, companionship support

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  1. relationships can be supportive and stressful; multidimensional vs unidimensional; reciprocity; density
  2. living in a high-crime neighborhood; being a single mother; toxic pollution; physical condition of home, school, workplace; homelessness
  3. individual skills, competencies, characteristics and belief that promote adaptive coping
  4. life satisfaction, self-esteem, happiness, achievement
  5. simultaneous stressors emerging from having multiple roles; cumulative in nature

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  1. Cognitive forms of problem-focused copoingplanning, analying, decision-making


  2. Mutual help groupsvoluntary associations of persons who share some type of status, experience, difficulties


  3. Community coalitionsthis approach involves bringing together representatives from a local community to address issues


  4. Context and the stress processpredictable - unpredictable; controllable - uncontrollable; desirable - undesirable; chosen - imposed


  5. Multidimensionalityrelationships in which the two persons involved do a number of things togehter and share a number of role relationships


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