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  1. furtive
  2. lethargic
  3. opaque
  4. caprious
  5. fastidious
  1. a reflecting a meticulous or demanding attitude, critical to an extreme
  2. b changing suddenly, fickle
  3. c not allowing the passage of light, not transparent, hard to understand
  4. d secret in an underhanded way, stealthy
  5. e sluggish languid

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  1. peaceful, calm
  2. independent, self-contained
  3. understood only by a small group of a select few
  4. to praise, to glorify
  5. one who is insincere or deceitful

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  1. exacerbateto honor, to revere


  2. prolificabundantly fruitful, marked by great productivity


  3. benigncommon, ordinary, lacking freshness


  4. defamationact of harming or ruining aother's reputation


  5. melancholydepression of spirits


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