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  1. defamation
  2. reprove
  3. autonomous
  4. melancholy
  5. hypocrite
  1. a to scold or to rebuke for a misdeed usually with kindly intent
  2. b depression of spirits
  3. c independent, self-contained
  4. d one who is insincere or deceitful
  5. e act of harming or ruining aother's reputation

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  1. to aggravate, to irritate, to vex
  2. to move upward, to rise from a lower station
  3. not allowing the passage of light, not transparent, hard to understand
  4. not causing harm, of gentle disposition, beneficial
  5. a direct opposite, a contrast

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  1. esotericstrict, stern, unadorned, ascetic


  2. gregarioussociable and outgoing


  3. venerateto honor, to revere


  4. symmetrybalanced proportions


  5. banalcommon, ordinary, lacking freshness


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