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  1. the group of Dionysus' followers who pretended to be Satyrs or Maenads in religious rituals, which involved much singing, drinking, and dancing
  2. King of Thebes, cousin of Dionysus. Doesn't believe that Semele was telling the truth about Zeus. Dionysus convinces him to spy on the Maenads, who go crazy and kill him. His mother, Agave, rips off his limbs
  3. often wears long robes and effeminate clothing, which offended the manly Greeks. God of wine and liquid fertility, encouraged the growth of all living things. Thick, luscious ivy was a sign of his presence. The phallus and bull's horn were his emblems. Patron deity of Theatre

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  1. Agavesister of Semele, who denies that Semele slept with Zeus. Thought that Semele was destroyed for telling this lie


  2. IndiaDionysus goes with his followers all the way here, overcoming all who oppose him


  3. Homeric Hymn to DionysusDionysus is taken by pirates b/c they want to get a ransom. They can't tie him down, he turns into a lion, unleashes a bear on board. Those who jumped off the ship are turned into dolphins


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