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  1. Which race was in Hessiod's age?
  2. What is the story of Prometheus creating humankind?
  3. Who created the Gold Race?
  4. What does Zeus do to punish Prometheus for stealing fire?
  5. Who's reign coincided with the silver race?
  6. Who is Lycoan?

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  1. Prometheus puts bones in the fat so he will choose that as the thing the humans have to sacrifice to him.What is the Feast of Mecone?


  2. He steals it in a fennel stalkHow does Prometheus get fire back for the humans?


  3. He is imprisoned on a cross and an eagle pecks at his liverHow is Prometheus even further punished for stealing fire? (other than Pandora)


  4. Epimetheus. He accepts the gift of Pandora from the godsWho is Pandora's husband? How does he play into Pandora's story?


  5. The jar that came with Pandora, which she was warned not to openWhat is the Jar of Evils?


  6. PyrraWho s Deucalion's wife?


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