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  1. Predictive analysis
  2. Information
  3. Discretionary information
  4. Support activities
  5. Primary activities
  1. a activities in the value chain that are performed to create, market, and deliver products and services to customers and provide post-delivery service and support. Primary activities include production, shipping and receiving, and marketing
  2. b uses data warehouses and complex algorithms to forecast future events, based on historical trends and calculated probabilities.
  3. c data converted into a meaningful and useful context
  4. d Supports primary activities
  5. e information that is available only to certain internal users

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  1. are facts that are collected, recorded, stored, and processed by an information system
  2. are characterized by incomplete decision making rules and the need for subjective assessments and judgments to supplement formal data analysis
  3. The process of determining the major goals of the organization and the policies and strategies for obtaining and using resources to achieve those goals.
  4. required to conduct business with external parties such as purchase orders and customer billings
  5. involves producing or providing a subset of the industry's products or services.

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  1. Accounting information system (AIS)required to conduct business with external parties such as purchase orders and customer billings


  2. Structured decisionsare nonrecurring and non routine decisions.


  3. Low-cost strategystriving to be the most efficient producer of a product or service


  4. Operational controlrelates to the effective and efficient use of resources for accomplishing organizational objectives.


  5. Product differentiation strategyentails adding features or services not provided by competitors to a product so you can charge customers a premium price.


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