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  1. 4 Financial Statements
  2. Credit (CLER)
  3. Debt to Asset Ratio
  4. Free Cash Flow
  5. Ratio Analysis
  1. a = cash flow from operating activities - cash used for capital expenditures - dividends paid
  2. b Liabilities, Equity, Revenue
  3. c = total liabilities / total assets
  4. d relationship among selected items of financial statement data
  5. e Income Statement, Retained Earnings, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows

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  1. business divided into artificial time periods
  2. assets turned into cash over a year
  3. 2002, new regulations for ACC including: top management certifying accuracy of financial info, more severe penalties, increased independence of outside auditor
  4. outside of organization, such as investors, creditors
  5. long, useful lives; land, buildings, equipment, furniture, fixtures; depreciation is subtracted

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  1. Intercompanytwo years of same company


  2. Liquiditywithin next year


  3. ACC Info Systemcollects and processes transactions, will affect at least 2 accounts


  4. EPSEarnings per Share; EPS = net income - preferred dividends / avg # of shares outstanding
    AVG # of shares outstanding =
    beginning + ending / 2


  5. Going Concern Assumptionseparately identified and accounted for


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