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Ancient Greece Vocabulary Test

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  1. Comedy
  2. Cleisthenes
  3. Pericles
  4. Socrates
  5. Polis
  1. a City-state of Ancient Greece
  2. b a story or play intended to entertain and amuse, usually with a happy ending
  3. c A philosopher who believed in absolute truth. He developed a teaching technique known as The Socratic Method. He was found guilty of "corrupting the young" and was sentenced to die by drinking hemlock juice.
  4. d Introduced a series of laws that established democracy in Athens. Through his reform, he sought to break the power of the aristocracy, and reorganized the structure of Athenian government. Under his constitution, the assembly won increased powers and emerged as the major political body.
  5. e Lead Athens through its Golden Age. Was responsible for rebuilding the city including its most famous structure, the Parthenon.

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  1. Describing the artistic style of ancient Greece and Rome, characterized by balance, elegance, and simplicity
  2. A soldier who serves a foreign country for pay
  3. a form of government in which the citizens hold power
  4. A blind poet who lived during the 700's BC, composed the two most famous Greek epics-Iliad and the Odyssey
  5. A gathering of men in Ancient Athens that featured eating, drinking, entertainment, and intellectual discussion

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  1. SanctuaryA soldier who serves a foreign country for pay


  2. AristocratMember of the nobility or the upper-class


  3. TyrantA teacher and author. He opened a school called The Academy. He wrote The Republic, the earliest book on political science.


  4. BardA poet who tells stories by singing


  5. CitizenWrote many famous Greek tragedies. Plays such as The Trojan Women, show the misery that war brings


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