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Vocabulary Terms about PowerPoint 2010


Before typing a slide show requires this to establish purpose, analyze audience and gather information

Document Theme

Provides consistency in design and color throughout the entire presentation by setting color scheme, font set, and layout of presentation


Arrangement of placeholders on a slide (9 total in Gallery)


Boxes with dotted lines that appear on slide layouts

Rule of 7's

Each slide should have a maximum of 7 lines and 7 words on each line

Normal View

Composed of 3 working areas

Tab Pane

Contains Slides tab and Outline tab (left)

Slide Pane

Large view of current slide (right)

Notes Pane

Area to type additional information (bottom)


Single media file that can include art, sound, animation, or movies

Slide Transition

Special animation effect used to progress from one slide to the next (3 categories: Subtle, Exciting, Dynamic)

Title Slide

Layout used to introduce the presentation to the audience

Demoting text

Creating a lower-level paragraph

Promoting text

Creating a higher-level paragraph

Sizing Handles

Small squares and circles at each corner and middle of graphics used to resize images


Includes special visual and sound effects applied to text or content

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