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  1. Buffer
  2. Compound
  3. solution
  4. Hydrogen Bond
  5. Hydrolysis
  1. a A water molecule is added to each bond, the bond is broken and releases simple sugars.
  2. b a homogenous mixture of two or more components.
  3. c Extremely weak bonds formed when a hydrogen atom binds to one electron hungry nitrogen or oxygen atom is attracted to another electron hungry atom and a bridge if formed between them.
  4. d Regulates the acid base balance in the body.
  5. e When two or more different atoms bind together to form a molecule.

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  1. When two or more atoms combine chemically.
  2. a substance that takes part in and undergoes a chemical change during a reaction.
  3. The type of exchange reaction in which an acid and a base interact.
  4. Occur whenever atoms combine with or dissociate from other atoms.
  5. Unique substances that cannot be broken down into simpler substances by ordinary chemical methods.

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  1. Electron ShellsOrbits or fixed regions of space around the nucleus that electrons occupy.


  2. Atomic MassThe sum of the masses of all the protons and neutrons contained in an atoms nucleus.


  3. proteinsAtomic particles with a positive charge.


  4. ElectrolytesNegatively charged atomic particles.


  5. synthesis reactionOccur when two or more atoms or molecules combine to form a larger, more complex molecule. A+B->AB


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