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  1. Lipids
  2. Electrons
  3. Compound
  4. radioisotopes
  5. Hydrogen Bond
  1. a Heavier isotopes of certain atoms are unstable and tend to decompose to become more stable.
  2. b Extremely weak bonds formed when a hydrogen atom binds to one electron hungry nitrogen or oxygen atom is attracted to another electron hungry atom and a bridge if formed between them.
  3. c A large group of organic compounds - contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen with more carbon and hydrogens than oxygens.
  4. d Negatively charged atomic particles.
  5. e When two or more different atoms bind together to form a molecule.

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  1. The ability to do work or to put matter into motion.
  2. Occur whenever atoms combine with or dissociate from other atoms.
  3. the dissolved substance in a solution.
  4. The sum of the masses of all the protons and neutrons contained in an atoms nucleus.
  5. Hydroxides ionize and dissociate in water releasing hydroxyl ions (OH-)

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  1. solutiona homogenous mixture of two or more components.


  2. ElectrolytesSubstances that conduct an electrical current in solutions.


  3. Dehydration synthesisA water molecule is lost and forms a bond.


  4. Nucleic Acidssmall molecules that are the building blocks of proteins.


  5. synthesis reactionOccur whenever atoms combine with or dissociate from other atoms.


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