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Gross Anatomy #1 Test

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  1. Cartilage (Chondro)
  2. Appendicular Skeleton
  3. Sesamoid Bone
  4. Cardiac Muscle
  5. Short BOne
  1. a cuboidal shape, ie carpals
  2. b Bone within tendon, ie patella
  3. c ...
  4. d Upper and lower extremities, pectoral and pelvic girdles
  5. e Tough, but flexible tissue, can withstand considerable degree of pressure and shearing forces, avascular, slow healing repair rate

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  1. Protect vital organs, support/framework of body, shock absorption, provides movement, hematopoiesis, storage for mineral salts
  2. Inorganic-mineral salts
    Organic matrix- consits of collagen fibers, proteoglycans, glycoproteins,
    Highly vascularized
    Dynamic tissue continuously being reorganized
  3. Dense irregular connective tissue, helps nourish cartilage, creates new cartilage along surface, found around all cartilage except articular cartilage
  4. Skull, vertebral column, thorax
  5. Blood vessels and nerves

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  1. Fasciclesconcentric layers of bone matrix, collagen fibers run in same direction for each lamella


  2. Long Bonecuboidal shape, ie carpals


  3. PeriosteumDense, irregular connective tissue, surrounds bones, nourish external protion of bones, provides attachment for tendons and ligaments


  4. Smooth Musclecuboidal shape, ie carpals


  5. Elastic CartilageElastic fibers and characteristics, flexible, maintains shape
    Ex- external ear, epiglottis


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