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  1. State governments must observe fair procedures when they deny a person life, liberty, or property.
  2. The introduction to the Constitution identifies its broad purposes.
  3. A state must recognize the validity of the public acts, records, and court decisions of other states.
  4. Federal law is supreme over state law.
  5. Congress cannot pass a law that punishes a person after the fact.
  6. Congress can exercise powers not specifically stated in the Constitution if those powers are "necessary and proper" for carrying out its expressed powers that ARE specifically stated.

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  1. Free Exercise (1st Amendment)Congress cannot pass laws that ban freedom of worship.


  2. Search and Seizure (4th Amendment)This is a protection against unreasonably search and seizure.


  3. Establishment (1st Amendment)Congress cannot establish an "official" region.


  4. ExtraditionFederal law is supreme over state law.


  5. CommerceFederal law is supreme over state law.


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