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  1. gesticulate
  2. sallow
  3. portly
  4. apostate
  5. traverse
  1. a comfortably fat or stout; large and heavy in a stately and dignified way
  2. b unhealthy looking
  3. c n. one who abandons his religious faith or political beliefs
  4. d show, express or direct through movement, to make gestures
  5. e travel across or pass over, to cover or extend over an area or time period

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  1. wishing or appearing to wish evil to others, Spiteful, showing ill will
  2. (adj.) performing acts of kindness or charity; conferring benefits, doing good
  3. an unusually gifted or intelligent (young) person
  4. adj. foul smelling, stinking, having an offensive odor
  5. a rude or impolite person

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  1. degenerategrow worse, unrestrained by convention or morality


  2. seminalconcerned with secular rather than sacred matters


  3. docileindicated by necessary connotation though not expressed directly, unspoken, silent; implied, inferred


  4. circumspectunpleasantly loud and harsh


  5. aestheticfrenzied, highly agitated


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