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  1. boor
  2. frenetic
  3. seminal
  4. tenuous
  5. temporal
  1. a frenzied, highly agitated
  2. b original, important, creating a field
  3. c concerned with secular rather than sacred matters
  4. d having little substance or significance
  5. e a rude or impolite person

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  1. show, express or direct through movement, to make gestures
  2. impossible to satiate or satisfy
  3. organized persecution of an ethnic group (especially Jews)
  4. adj. foul smelling, stinking, having an offensive odor
  5. Grimly or scornfully mocking, bitterly sarcastic

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  1. stridentunpleasantly loud and harsh


  2. traversetravel across or pass over, to cover or extend over an area or time period


  3. portlyorganized persecution of an ethnic group (especially Jews)


  4. apostatecomfortably fat or stout; large and heavy in a stately and dignified way


  5. nuancea subtle distinction or variation


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