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  1. bubonic plague
  2. Edward III
  3. Byzantine Empire
  4. Ferdinand of Aragon
  5. Lorenzo De Medici, "The Magnificent"
  1. a a form of Black Death where the flea was the transmitter of the disease
  2. b 1338 declared himself rightful heir to French throne, started Hundred Years War
  3. c It served as a buffer between the Muslim middle East and the Latin west.
  4. d He married Isabella of Castile to form a union for Spain (though they were never politically united). He and Isabella worked together to form a strong infantry army in Spain.
  5. e Was a ruler of the Florentine Republic during the Italian Renaissance,. Known as Lorenzo the Magnificient, he was a dipolmat, politian, artist and poet.

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  1. A fine paid on a marriage during the Middle Ages in England.
  2. The poem describes Dante's travels through Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven; but at a deeper level it represents allegorically the soul's journey towards God
  3. an opinion different from accepted belief
  4. The Muslim kingdom that Spain later conquested.
  5. "Brotherhoods"; popular groups in the towns given authority to act as local police forces and as judicial tribunals.

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  1. RenaissanceTime when crops failed, starting with bad weather in spring 1315, -Europe did not fully recover until 1322


  2. Hundred Year's WarHenry VII gained power and ended wars of nobility/"livery and maintenence". Established Courty of Star Chamber that tortured nobles.


  3. Geoffrey ChaucerA fine paid on a marriage during the Middle Ages in England.


  4. BubaThe boil that resulted from catching the Bubonic Plague, gave the plague its name and caused agonizing pain


  5. Black Deatha plague that struck Europe in the fourteenth century that killed nearly half of Europe's population. It started in Central Asia and eventually spread to Europe in the stomachs of fleas


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