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  1. quattrocento
  2. fur collar crime
  3. Byzantine Empire
  4. Niccolo Machiavelli
  5. Canterbury Tales
  1. a The 1400's. the 15th century in Italian art and literature. Florence was the leading city in this movement.
  2. b Politics, Author of "The Prince" who advocated "better to be feared then loved but not hated" writer, works w/ gov't, power, & instability "the ends justifies the means"
  3. c It served as a buffer between the Muslim middle East and the Latin west.
  4. d A collection of stories written in Middle-English by Geoffrey Chaucer at the end of the 14th century. The tales are told as part of a story-telling contest by a group of pilgrims as they travel together on a journey .
  5. e nobles who robbed the peasants through the use of their power

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  1. "Brotherhoods"; popular groups in the towns given authority to act as local police forces and as judicial tribunals.
  2. French heroine and military leader inspired by religious visions to organize French resistance to the English and to have Charles VII crowned king
  3. a form of Black Death where the flea was the transmitter of the disease
  4. The transformation of a society from close identification with religious values and institutions toward non-religious (or "irreligious") values
  5. The treatment of light and shade in a work of art, especially to give an illusion of depth.

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  1. pneumonic plaguea form of Black Death where the plague was transferred directly from one person to another


  2. Lollardsgroups of people who inflicted physical harm on themselves as penance for society's sins, believing that the plague was God's punishment


  3. Pope Clement VCollected thousands of manuscripts and planned the Vatican library.


  4. Battle of PoitiersThe battle occurred on Friday 25 October 1415 in northern France, battle is notable for the use of the English longbow.


  5. Statue of Kilkennylegislation preventing intermarriage and protected 'racial purity'


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