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Euro Ch. 12 & 13 Middle Ages Test

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  1. Dante Alighieri
  2. indulgences
  3. pneumonic plague
  4. interdict
  5. John Wyclif
  1. a pardon sold by catholic church to reduce one's punishment
  2. b a form of Black Death where the plague was transferred directly from one person to another
  3. c English theologian whose objections to Roman Catholic doctrine anticipated the Protestant Reformation (1328-1384)
  4. d ) **An Italian poet of the Middle Ages *Wrote the Divine Comedy **
  5. e popes excluding an entire town, region, or kingdom from participating in sacraments and from receiving Christian burial

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  1. The public announcement in a Christian parish church that a marriage is going to take place between two specified persons
  2. a plague that struck Europe in the fourteenth century that killed nearly half of Europe's population. It started in Central Asia and eventually spread to Europe in the stomachs of fleas
  3. Italian painter, engineer, scientist. The most versatile genius of the renaissance. Mona Lisa
  4. The treatment of light and shade in a work of art, especially to give an illusion of depth.
  5. It served as a buffer between the Muslim middle East and the Latin west.

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  1. excommunicationThe taking away of a person's right of membership in a Christian church


  2. Babylonian CaptivityThe period during which seven Popes resided in Avignon,France rather than Rome


  3. Edward III1338 declared himself rightful heir to French throne, started Hundred Years War


  4. MerchetThe imperial diet or parliament of the Holy Roman Empire.


  5. AvignonA commune in the Vaucluse department in southeastern France, several popes and antipopes lived from the early 14th to early 15th centuries.


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