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  1. jaundice
  2. psoriasis
  3. vesicle
  4. lesion
  5. cellulitis
  1. a skin redness or irritation
  2. b fluid or air filled sack
  3. c wound ulcer or tumor
  4. d skin infection by bacteria
  5. e yellowing of the skin

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  1. skin infection around the nails
  2. removal of dead, damaged or infected tissue
  3. situated or applied under the skin
  4. skin becomes red inflammed or sore
  5. hardening of skin

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  1. Adiposeexam of tissue from a living body


  2. Unilateraltwo sides


  3. candidiasisskin redness or irritation


  4. Abscessfat


  5. Lumbar regionlower back


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