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  1. In the absence of carbohydrate, ____are produced from the incomplete breakdown of the body fat.
  2. the exchange system was originally designed for individuals with
  3. What is the primary reason we sweat?
  4. according to my-pyramid, which of the following foods would count toward an individuals discretionary calorie intake?
  5. Two acids are joined together by a peptide bond to form a dipeptide. What is the by-product of this process
  1. a water
  2. b to regulate body temperature
  3. c butter
    table sugar
  4. d ketones
  5. e diabetes mellitus

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  1. 130 grams
  2. minerals
  3. is NOT a major function of protein in the human body
  4. bones
  5. is a diuretic

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  1. Yogurt is tolerated better than milk by many lactase-deficient people because:carbohydrates


  2. the nutrition facts panel on a box of crackers indicates that one serving provides 140 calories, with 55 calories coming from fat, what is the % of fat coming from calories?% daily value


  3. bob eats is breakfast. His GI tract will now begin the process of digestion and absorbing the nutrients from this meal. What is the order in which each of the organs of the GI tract will work to achieve this process?to neutralize the acidic chyme


  4. Water has a high heat capacity. What does this term mean?Water is resistant to change in.


  5. the process of adding hydrogen too an unsaturated fatty acid and creating a more solid fat is calledhydrogenation


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