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  1. ________ of a adults healthy body weight is fluid.
  2. appetite is triggered by
  3. What is the preferred fuels for most body functions?
  4. Vitamins A, D, E & K are best absorbed with foods that are rich in?
  5. Iron
  1. a fat
  2. b 50-70%
  3. c carbohydrate and fat
  4. d the culture in which one is raised
    the smell, taste, and texture of food
    the time of day
  5. e Is NOT a major mineral.

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  1. Calcium
  2. phospholipids
  3. bile
  4. 130 grams
  5. 3 fatty acids and 1 glycerol

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  1. saturateda fatty acid that is generally solid at room temperature


  2. what element makes protein different form carbohydrates and fat?to regulate body temperature


  3. Diets high in sugar are directly associated with:tooth decay


  4. Diets high in sodium are associated with:High Blood Pressure


  5. The majority of dietary chloride is consumed from ______.table salt


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