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  1. ______ is the slogan used by my-pyramid to encourage gradual improvements in diet and lifestyle.
  2. In the body, the major storage sites for glycogen are the:
  3. which of the following organs is responsible for the manufacturing and secretion of many digestive enzymes and bicarbonate?
  4. bicarbonate is release into the duodenum during the process of digestion. Why?
  5. Most water is lost daily via _______.
  1. a pancreas
  2. b to neutralize the acidic chyme
  3. c steps to a healthier you
  4. d muscles & liver
  5. e Kidneys

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  1. Calcium
  2. fruit juices
  3. increased blood cholesterol levels
  4. False
  5. are examples of carbohydrate rich foods

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  1. Chickenare classified as a micronutrient


  2. what element makes protein different form carbohydrates and fat?carbohydrates


  3. After completing a 10K run, Bonita notices her urine is brown and similar to the color of cola. What does this indicate about Bonita's hydration status?a. as compared to many other scientific disciplines, nutrition is a young science
    b. discoveries by the first nutritional scientist established the connection between deficiencies and illnesses.
    c. in developed countries current research in nutrition focuses on the relationship between diet and chronic disease


  4. cell membranes are primarily composed ofto regulate body temperature


  5. Glucose is the preferred source of energy for which of the following?to regulate body temperature


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