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  1. Collaborators
  2. B2C and B2B
  3. B2C
  4. Breadth Segmentation Strategy
  5. Targeting
  1. a companies/people a firm works with
  2. b pursuing segment who makes most sense for firm
  3. c Low Involvement: Convenience, Straight Rebuy
    Medium Involvement: Shopping, Modified Rebuy
    High Involvement: Specialty, New Buy
  4. d serve more than one segment
  5. e Business to Consumer;

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  1. how much
  2. Cultural differences can exist between countries or within a country
    Hot climates require different products than cold climates
  3. how to communicate to targets
  4. communicating benefits of product to intended target
  5. firm works against and how they compare to the firm in terms of resources, capabilities

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  1. 5 C'sCustomer, Company, Context, Collaborators, Competitors


  2. Brand Associationshow to communicate to targets


  3. Perceptual FluencyCustomers may pay the most attention to the content of a message


  4. Lexicographic methodcompare all brands on most important attribute


  5. Subliminal Advertisingad that is shown so quickly that is doesn't meet the threshold of liminal recognition


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