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  1. Context
  2. Company
  3. Vals
  4. Prepurchase
  5. Perceptual Fluency
  1. a Customers may pay the most attention to the content of a message
  2. b psychographic segmentation tool
    Marketers determine people's attitudes and what they value and use this knowledge to communicate effectively
  3. c macro-environmental factors facing firm
  4. d a firm's capabilities/resources
  5. e identify need/want, search possible solution, build consideration set

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  1. Business to Business;
  2. Cultural differences can exist between countries or within a country
    Hot climates require different products than cold climates
  3. Use census to determine size of next cohort
    Obtain sales data for previous years and extrapolate using a moving average
  4. benefits, what to make
  5. compare all brands on most important attribute

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  1. Subliminal Advertisingconsumers block out what is not relevant


  2. Customerfirm's current and potential customers


  3. Business Customeran agent buying something on behalf of an organization


  4. Sensation/Perceptionconsumers block out what is not relevant


  5. Segmentationgrouping customers with similar needs


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