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  1. Segmentation
  2. Tailored Segmentation Strategy
  3. Product
  4. Brand Associations
  5. Modified Rebuy
  1. a different products for different segments
  2. b Breaking the market into more homogeneous consumer groups
  3. c benefits, what to make
  4. d brands are attached to specific attributes in consumers' memory
  5. e Medium involvement; something about the purchase is altered requiring some thought

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  1. A group of customers who share similar inclinations toward a brand
  2. Imperfect competition exists; consumers have heterogeneous needs
  3. a firm's capabilities/resources
  4. behaviors people engage in
    Attitudes can't be observed; behaviors can
  5. Cultural differences can exist between countries or within a country
    Hot climates require different products than cold climates

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  1. 2 Approaches to Segment MarketOne-to-one Marketing (not profitable)
    Marketing Segmentation (just right)
    Mass Marketing (low customer satisfaction)
    Niche between One-to-one and MKT Segmentation


  2. Customermacro-environmental factors facing firm


  3. Positionhow to communicate to targets


  4. Top Down Targetingstrategic fit (corporate vision)


  5. Estimate GrowthUse census to determine size of next cohort
    Obtain sales data for previous years and extrapolate using a moving average


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