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  1. Breadth Segmentation Strategy
  2. Mere Exposure
  3. 5 C's
  4. Bottom Up Targeting
  5. Psychologists Segmentation
  1. a serve more than one segment
  2. b profitability (data-informed)
  3. c repeated exposure to an ad brings familiarity and a positive feeling
  4. d Consumers have different motivations that drive their purchases
  5. e Customer, Company, Context, Collaborators, Competitors

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  1. firm's current and potential customers
  2. Product, Price, Place, Promotion
  3. A group of customers who share similar inclinations toward a brand
  4. firm works against and how they compare to the firm in terms of resources, capabilities
  5. brands are attached to specific attributes in consumers' memory

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  1. SegmentationBreaking the market into more homogeneous consumer groups


  2. Compensatory modelcost/benefits; One excellent attribute can compensate for a poor attribute


  3. 2 Approaches to Segment MarketManagerial: top down ideation
    Customer-Based: bottom-up customer needs assessment


  4. PlaceBusiness to Consumer;


  5. Marketers' GoalCreate marketing mixes that meet the segment's needs


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