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  1. recall
  2. kickback
  3. prohibition
  4. square deal
  5. sixteenth amendment
  1. a an arrangement in which contractors padded the amount of their bill for city work and paid, or "kicked back" a percentage of that amount to the political bosses
  2. b fair and equal treatment for all
  3. c passing of laws to prohibit the making or selling of alcohol
  4. d enabled voters to remove unsatisfactory elected officials from their job
  5. e gave congress the power to tax people's incomess

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  1. nickname for the progressive party
  2. law passed in 1906 that began inspection of meat packing plants, law was created after "the jungle" was published and citizens pressured to have the law made
  3. passed in 1906 requiring accurate labeling of food and medicine and banning the sale of harmful food
  4. combination of corporations with the purpose of reducing competition and controlling prices
  5. direct election of senators, passed in 1913

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  1. patronagethe appointments or privledges that a politician can give to loyal supporters


  2. interstate commerce actpassed to regulate banking


  3. arbitrationprotection and preservation of natural resources


  4. nineteenth amendmentallowed women suffrage


  5. initiativeallowed citizens to place a measure of issue on the ballot in a state election


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