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  1. suffragist
  2. muckraker
  3. pendleton act
  4. prohibition
  5. referendum
  1. a men and women who fought for the right to vote
  2. b established the civil service commission
  3. c journalists who wrote stories that brought public attention to problems and exposed corruption and injustices
  4. d passing of laws to prohibit the making or selling of alcohol
  5. e gave voters the opportunity to accept or reject measures that athe state legislature enacted

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  1. an election in which members of a party choose candidates for a governmental position
  2. settling a dispute by agreeing to accept the decision of an impartial outsider
  3. first federal law to control trusts and monopolies
  4. combination of corporations with the purpose of reducing competition and controlling prices
  5. allowed women suffrage

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  1. pure food and drug actpassed in 1906 requiring accurate labeling of food and medicine and banning the sale of harmful food


  2. laissez-fairebody of non elected government workers


  3. sixteenth amendmentallowed women suffrage


  4. federal reserve actrequired railroads to charge "reasonable and just" rates and to publish those rates, created the interstates commerce commission to supervise railroads and later trucking


  5. gentlemen's agreementrestricted japanese immigration to the united states


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