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  1. laissez-faire
  2. progressive
  3. square deal
  4. patronage
  5. political machine
  1. a let people do as they choose
  2. b the appointments or privledges that a politician can give to loyal supporters
  3. c fair and equal treatment for all
  4. d powerful organizations linked to political parties who controlled local governments in many cities
  5. e favoring reform

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  1. established the civil service commission
  2. body of non elected government workers
  3. set up competitive examinations for federal jobs
  4. restricted japanese immigration to the united states
  5. allowed citizens to place a measure of issue on the ballot in a state election

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  1. federal trade commissionhas the power to investigate corporations for unfair trade practices


  2. meat inspection actestablished the civil service commission


  3. seventeenth amendmentdirect election of senators, passed in 1913


  4. sixteenth amendmentprohibition ratified in 1919


  5. federal reserve actpassed to regulate banking


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