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  1. contamination
  2. Conserve
  3. substitute
  4. resource
  5. peril
  1. a skill in dealing with a difficult situation
  2. b the act of or result of contaminatin
  3. c danger; something that is dangerous
  4. d To save by using carefully
  5. e something or someone that replaces another

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  1. To make worse
  2. to replace one thing or person for another
  3. severe' extreme
  4. To make or become smaller or less; to reduce
  5. dangerous

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  1. frugalcareful in spending or using something


  2. vitalof the greatest importance


  3. extravagancespending, costing, or using more than is required


  4. AccumulateTo make worse


  5. ContaminateTo harm by contact with something undesirable


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