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  1. aggravation
  2. resource
  3. resourceful
  4. frugal
  5. Conserve
  1. a annoyance; exasperation
  2. b careful in spending or using something
  3. c To save by using carefully
  4. d able to deal with difficult problems
  5. e a supply that can be used when there is a need

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  1. dangerous
  2. To make or become smaller or less; to reduce
  3. to replace one thing or person for another
  4. to keep up, to support
  5. lasting or seeming to last forever or for a long time, continuous

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  1. resourceable to deal with difficult problems


  2. conservationthe saving or protection of something through careful use


  3. sustainto suffer; to undergo


  4. substituteacting in place of someone or something else


  5. vitalnecessary for continued life or prosperity


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