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  1. imperil
  2. Aggravate
  3. sustain
  4. resource
  1. a to suffer; to undergo
  2. b To make worse
  3. c skill in dealing with a difficult situation
  4. d to place in danger

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  1. the act of or result of contaminatin
  2. To make or become smaller or less; to reduce
  3. annoyance; exasperation
  4. acting in place of someone or something else
  5. able to deal with difficult problems

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  1. impuritysomething that is harmful or dirty


  2. aggravationa source of annoyance or exasperation


  3. vitalcareful in spending or using something


  4. extravagancethe quality of being wasteful or spending more than is necessary


  5. resourcea supply that can be used when there is a need


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