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  1. The lesion of tuberculosis.
  2. Temporary interference with the blood supply to the brain.
  3. An elevation on the skin containing fluid, as in a blister.
  4. Inflammation of the vagina.
  5. Inflammation of the urethra.
  6. Implantation and development of a fertilized ovum in the fallopian tube.

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  1. Tabes DorsalisDegeneration of the posterior part of the spinal cord as a result of tertiary syphilis.


  2. UlcerAn area of localized necrosis on the skin or mucous membrane.


  3. TracheitisInflammation of the urethra.


  4. UreteritisInflammation of the urethra.


  5. ThrombosisThe presence of toxic waste products in the bloodstream as a result of a diseased kidney failing to perform its filtering function.


  6. SyphilisInfectious venereal disease caused by Treponema pallidum.


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