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  1. verbalize, draw, or teach ____
  2. assignments are meaningful toward ____
  3. what will be provided with returned assignments and tests?
  4. increase tests scores: review class notes and activities for __ minutes each day
  5. how will assignments and tests be returned to you?
  1. a concepts
  2. b in a timely and effective fashion
  3. c 5
  4. d reaching expressed objectives
  5. e feedback

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  1. the released AP exam
  2. 2
  3. always
  4. the day student returns to school
  5. analytic, creative, and practical applications

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  1. Instructor's name?Mr. Kiersznowski


  2. how many people talk at a time?by raising your hand


  3. true or false: must have hallway passport filled out & signedtrue


  4. grade system: classwork=?20%


  5. course objectives: score what on AP test?multiple choice and free response


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