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  1. ____ practice common courtesy
  2. part I of test
  3. demonstrate proficiency in applying _____ and _____ to questions concerning behavior
  4. describe quizzes
  5. verbalize, draw, or teach ____
  1. a always
  2. b 100 MC, 70 minutes
  3. c short, multiple choice, announced or unannounced reading on-line/psych-tech/classroom and lesson quizzes
  4. d concepts
  5. e the scientific method, critical analysis skills

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  1. feedback
  2. analytic, creative, and practical applications
  3. the day student returns to school
  4. activity; debate
  5. no

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  1. chapter exams consist of what?the released AP exam


  2. consequences for persistent disruption of classtextbook summary sections


  3. how are notes, assignments, and quizzes stored in the binder?by date order


  4. what will everyone receive?by raising your hand


  5. unexcused late work is accepted or unaccepted?unaccepted


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