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  1. consequences for persistent disruption of class
  2. how are you recognized?
  3. follow all group ____ and ____ rules
  4. what is the time limit on hall pass?
  5. what will be provided with returned assignments and tests?
  1. a by raising your hand
  2. b 6 minutes
  3. c verbal warning, phone call home, conference w/ parent/guardian, detention, and out-of-class suspension
  4. d activity; debate
  5. e feedback

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  1. strong psychology vocabulary
  2. the released AP exam
  3. the scientific method, critical analysis skills
  4. 20%
  5. reaching expressed objectives

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  1. Textbook author?Wayne Weiten


  2. true or false: must have hallway passport filled out & signedall


  3. Identify, explain, and critically analyze _______the major theorists, theories, and experiments in psychology


  4. what is written in right hand corner of every submitted assignment?6 minutes


  5. grade system: homework=?20%


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