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  1. amendment approval
  2. Which constitutional principle divides power between national and state governments?
    a.separation of powers government
    c.checks and balances
  3. Which document granted citizens the least amount of freedom?
    a.Magna Carta
    b.English Bill of Rights
    c.Virginia Declaration of Rights
    d.Bill of Rights
  4. agreement between heads of state
  5. There are two ways to propose an amendment, one is by receiving two-thirds votes from Congress, the second is by a
    a.Congressional petition.
    b.Supreme Court rule.
    c.presidential order.
    d.national convention.
  1. a a.Magna Carta
  2. b d.federalism
  3. c d.national convention.
  4. d ratification
  5. e executive agreement

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  1. Answers will vary. Students should recognize that a specially elected convention would require more planning and be more costly than a proposal by Congress and ratification by state legislatures. Also, some people believe that a convention might not limit itself to a specific amendment.
  2. elastic clause
  3. department and agencies in the executive branch
  4. c.Amendments
  5. describes the executive branch

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  1. Which principle grants the president the authority to appoint federal judges?
    a.judicial review
    b.popular sovereignty
    d.checks and balances
    b.executive agreement


  2. This section of the Constitution states why it was written.
    b.Bill of Rights


  3. What did President Gerald Ford mean when he said "our Constitution works"? How did the U.S. Constitution effectively resolve the crisis caused by President Nixon?Answers will vary but may include that the Constitution limits governmental powers and ensures that no particular branch has more power than the others.


  4. Ratification of an amendment must come within this time limit.
    a.six months
    b.the president's term years year


  5. Which document granted all of the rights and freedoms listed in the chart?
    a.Magna Carta
    b.English Bill of Rights
    c.Bill of Rights
    d.Virginia Declaration of Rights
    a.Magna Carta


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