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  1. Analyzing Information Describe the three ways the Framers of the Constitution divided the responsibilities of governing in order to limit the power of government.
  2. The Preamble states that the U.S. Constitution was established—in part—to provide for the common defense. T/F
  3. To protect liberty and specify its powers, the Framers gave Congress
    A) expressed powers
    B) judicial reviews
    C) executive powers
    D) judicial restraint
  4. Which document granted all of the rights and freedoms listed in the chart?
    a.Magna Carta
    b.English Bill of Rights
    c.Bill of Rights
    d.Virginia Declaration of Rights
  5. The Magna Carta granted the following rights: trial by jury, private property, and
    a.freedom of speech.
    b.due process.
    c.freedom of the press.
    d.freedom of religion.
  1. a The Framers limited government power by creating a federal structure (federalism) that divided the responsibilities for governing between the national and state governments. In addition, the national government's power was limited by dividing its functions among three branches according to a principle called separation of powers. Finally, the Framers created a system of checks and balances by which the actions of one branch might be blocked by another.
  2. b c.Bill of Rights
  3. c T
  4. d A) expressed powers
  5. e b.due process.

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  1. b.veto
  2. d.a constitutional amendment
  3. department and agencies in the executive branch
  4. National Convention
  5. d.A treaty needs congressional approval while an executive agreement does not.

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  1. ___________ elevated the Supreme Court to a higher status, balancing the powers of the other branches.
    a.Enumerated powers
    b.Judicial review
    c.Constitutional amendment
    d.Judicial activism
    judicial review


  2. Chief Justice Earl Warrenjudicial activism


  3. gives Congress the right to make all laws "necessary and proper"elastic clause


  4. Political Processes Why do you think that, both for proposing and for ratifying amendments to the Constitution, the convention method is seldom used?National Convention


  5. Ratification of an amendment must come within this time limit.
    a.six months
    b.the president's term years year


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