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  1. The Constitution is based on the concept of
    a.expressed powers.
    b.judicial activism.
    c.popular sovereignty.
  2. Chief Justice Earl Warren
  3. A(n) ____________ called by Congress is a method for proposing amendments that has never been used.
  4. Ratification of an amendment must come within this time limit.
    a.six months
    b.the president's term years year
  5. The executive branch has expanded its powers through what?
    a.federal bureaucracies
    b.changing of the Constitution
    c.create new laws giving the executive more power
    d.congressional sessions
  1. a c.popular sovereignty.
  2. b a.federal bureaucracies
  3. c National Convention
  4. d years
  5. e judicial activism

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  1. A) expressed powers
  2. Students should realize that the functions of Congress would likely be limited to its enumerated powers and that its power to govern almost certainly would be diminished. Congress also would have more difficulty adapting its powers to meet the nation's changing needs.
  3. appeal
  4. a.Magna Carta
  5. A) expressed powers

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  1. amendment approvalappeal


  2. federal bureaucracydepartment and agencies in the executive branch


  3. This section of the Constitution is responsive to the needs of a changing nation.
    d.Supremacy Clause


  4. Political Processes Why do you think that, both for proposing and for ratifying amendments to the Constitution, the convention method is seldom used?Answers will vary. Students should recognize that a specially elected convention would require more planning and be more costly than a proposal by Congress and ratification by state legislatures. Also, some people believe that a convention might not limit itself to a specific amendment.


  5. John Marshall believed that the Constitution was meant to be adapted. What specific features of the Constitution provide for change and adaptation?T


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