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  1. The legislative branch is the only branch that is ____________.
    a.appointed by the president
    b.appointed by the Supreme Court
    c.voted into office directly by the people
    d.voted into office by an electoral college
  2. There are two ways to propose an amendment, one is by receiving two-thirds votes from Congress, the second is by a
    a.Congressional petition.
    b.Supreme Court rule.
    c.presidential order.
    d.national convention.
  3. Ratification of an amendment must come within this time limit.
    a.six months
    b.the president's term years year
  4. A(n) ______ called by Congress is a method for proposing amendments that has never been used.
  5. Article III of the Constitution
  1. a describes the Supreme Court
  2. b years
  3. c National Convention
  4. d d.national convention.
  5. e c.voted into office directly by the people

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  1. appeal
  2. d.federalism
  3. b.Judicial review
  4. c.popular sovereignty.
  5. judicial activism

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  1. agreement between heads of stateexecutive agreement


  2. The president can check Congress by this power.
    c.separation of power enactment
    d.judicial review


  3. Extradition, which gives a state an opportunity to send fugitives from one state back to the state seeking them, is contained in this article.
    a.article three
    b.article four
    c.article five
    d.article two
    b.article four


  4. The president has made an informal change to the Constitution by creating executive agreements with other heads of states. What is the difference between a treaty and an executive agreement?
    a.A treaty does not need congressional approval while an executive agreement needs congressional approval.
    b.A treaty is only used in war and an executive order is only used during peace time.
    c.A treaty is used during peace time and an executive order is used during war.
    d.A treaty needs congressional approval while an executive agreement does not.
    d.Changes are not allowed to be informal and can only go through the congress.


  5. This section of the Constitution is responsive to the needs of a changing nation.
    d.Supremacy Clause


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