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  1. revoke
  2. ruminate
  3. rhetorician
  4. rotate
  5. revile
  1. a A showy writer or speaker.
  2. b To chew over again, as food previously swallowed and regurgitated.
  3. c To rescind.
  4. d To cause to turn on or as on its axis, as a wheel.
  5. e To heap approach or abuse upon.

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  1. Humble.
  2. A place where crows congregate to breed.
  3. Operative on, affecting, or having reference to past events, transactions, responsibilities.
  4. Abundant.
  5. Repeal.

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  1. retractTo follow backward or toward the place of beginning, as a track or marking.


  2. rippletA small stream or brook.


  3. revertTo return, or turn or look back, as toward a former position or the like.


  4. retrieveTo recover something by searching.


  5. retrogressionA going or moving backward or in a reverse direction.


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