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  1. revile
  2. retroactive
  3. rue
  4. robust
  5. rigor
  1. a Characterized by great strength or power of endurance.
  2. b Inflexibility.
  3. c To heap approach or abuse upon.
  4. d Operative on, affecting, or having reference to past events, transactions, responsibilities.
  5. e To regret extremely.

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  1. Uncompromising.
  2. A lawless or recklessly brutal fellow.
  3. A return to or toward some former state or condition.
  4. Looking back on the past.
  5. To modify the details of.

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  1. ridiculeLooks or acts expressing amused contempt.


  2. rotaryTo cause to turn on or as on its axis, as a wheel.


  3. rightfulConformed to a just claim according to established laws or usage.


  4. revertTo regard with worshipful veneration.


  5. rifeTo regret extremely.


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