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Simple Squamous Epithelium


Simple Cuboidal Epithelium


Simple Columnar Epithelium


Pseudostratified Columnar Epithelium


Stratified Squamous Epithelium


Stratified Cuboidal Epithelium


Stratified Columnar Epithelium


Transitional Epithelium


Loose Connective Tissue


Adipose Tissue


Dense Connective Tissue


Elastic Cartilage




Skeletal Muscle


Smooth Muscle


Cardiac Muscle





the study of tissues


similar cells that are specialized to carry out a particular function

What are 4 types of tissue

1. Epithelial Tissue
2. Connective Tissue
3. Muscle Tissue
4. Nervous tissue

What are three general characteristic of epithelial tissue?

1. tightly packed with little matrix
2. readily divide
3. cover body surfaces and line internal organs

Does epithelial tissue contain blood vessels?

No, epithelial tissue receives nourishment from underlying connective tissues

What is the basement membrane?

layer that anchors epithelial tissue to underlying tissues

What are the 5 functions of epithelial tissue?

1. Protection
2. Secretion
3. Excretion
4. Absorption
5. Filtration

Where is simple squamous epithelium found in the body?

Air sacs of lungs and walls of capillaries

Where is psuedostratified columnar epithelium found in the body?

linings of respiratory passages

What is the function of stratified squamous epithelium?


Where is stratified squamous epithelium found in the body?


Where is transitional epithelium found in the body?

urinary bladder


prevent physical injury


substance produced in and released from a gland cell


elimination of metabolic wastes


taking in of substance by cells or across membranes


movement of material through a membrane

List ten general characteristics of connective tissue.

1. binds structures 2. provides support and protection 3.fills spaces 4. stores fat 5. produce blood cells 6. defense against infections 7. help repair tissue damage 8. abundance of matrix 9. can divide 10. vascular (contains blood vessels)


nonliving material found between cells in a tissue

What are 3 components of connective tissue?

1. Specialized Cells
2. Ground Substance
3. Protein Fibers

What is ground substance?

aka matrix, noncellular or nonliving material between cells

What are 3 types of cell found in connective tissue

1. Fibroblasts
2. Macrophages
3. Mast Cells

What is the function of fibroblasts?

produce fibers by secreting protein

What is the function of Macrophages?

function as scavenger cells (prevent infection)

What is the function of mast cells?

release of heparin and histamine (aids in tissue repair)

What are three types of fibers in connective tissue?

1. Cartilagenous Fibers
2. Elastic Fibers
Reticular Fibers

Where is loose connective tissue found in the body?

beneath the skin and between muscles

What is another name for adipose tissue?


What is the function of adipose tissue?

Protects (cushions structures), stores fat, and insulates

Where is dense connective tissue found in the body?

ligaments and tendons

Where in the body is cartilage found?

nose and ears, ends of bones and joints

Which type of connective tissue has a solid matrix?


Which type of connective tissue has a liquid matrix?


What is the function of blood?

transports gases, defends against disease, clotting

What are the 6 types of connective tissue?

1. Loose Connective Tissue, 2.Adipose, 3.Dense Connective Tissue, 4.Cartilage 5. Bone 6. Blood

What are two general characteristics of muscle tissue?

elongated cells and contractile

What are the 3 type of muscle tissue

1. Skeletal Muscle
2. Smooth Muscle
3. Cardiac Muscle

What are three general characteristic of skeletal muscle tissue?

1. long threadlike cells
2. striated
3. many nuclei

Where is skeletal muscle found?

attached to bones

Is skeletal muscle controlled voluntarily or involuntarily?


What are three general characteristic of smooth muscle tissue?

1. shorter spindled shaped cells
2. single, central nucleus
3. no striations

Where is smooth muscle found?

walls of hallow internal organs (stomach, blood vessels, intestines)

Is smooth muscle controlled voluntarily or involuntarily?


What are three general characteristic of cardiac tissue?

1. branched cells
2. striated
3. single nucleus

Where is cardiac muscle found?


What is the function of cardiac muscle?

Heart movements

What is the function of nervous tissue?

coordinate, regulate, and integrate many body functions
sensory reception

What are two general characteristic of nervous tissue?

1. conducts impulse
2. do not divide

What are the two types of nervous tissue?

neurons and neuroglia

What is oncology?

study of tumors

What is a tumor?

abnormal growth or mass of tissue

What are two types of tumors

1. Malignant
2. Benign

Which type of tumor spreads and becomes worse?


What is metastasis?

the spreading of a tumor

Which type of tumor do not spread?


Are benign tumors harmful?

Yes, they can compress surrounding tissues and impare their function

What is cancer?

a malignant, spreading tumor and the illness that results from such a tumor

How are cancers classified?

according to the type of tissue from which it arises


cancer that arises in muscle or connective tissue


cancer of the blood


cancer that arises in the lymphoid tissue


arises in epithelial tissues

Why are carcinomas the most common kind of cancer?

the cells of these tissues have a high rate of cell division

What are causes of cancers?

smoking, over weight, viruses/bacteria, environmental toxins, heredity

Explain four kinds of cancer therapies.

1. Radiation (X-rays or lasers)
2. Surgically removing the tumor
3. Chemotherapy - drugs that kill rapidly dividing cells
4. reduce blood supply to the tumor

What is the problem with radiation?

it kills healthy cells along with cancer cells

What are problems with chemotherapy?

drug also kills other fast growing tissues in the bone marrow (anemia) linings of intestings (nausea) stomach lining (vomiting), hair loss (emotional), dry skin and mouth

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