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  1. 250° F - 270° F (121° C - 132° C)
  2. A color change strip or other mark, often on autoclave tape or bag, used to monitor the process of sterilization. Color change indicats that the package has been brought to a specific temperature, but it is not an indicator of sterilization.
  3. Rediographic biteblock, ultrasonic handpiece, amalgam condenser, mirror
  4. Asepsis
  5. 15-30 lbs pressure (psi)
  1. a How much pressure is used for moist heat sterilization?
  2. b What is a Chemical Indicator?
  3. c What is free from contamination with microorganisms; includes sterile conditions in tissues and on materials, as obtained by exclussion, removing, or killing organisms?
  4. d What are some examples of "semicritical" objects?
  5. e What is the temperature used for moist heat sterilization?

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  1. What is a Disinfectant?
  2. What is the time limit for Chemical Vapor Sterilization?
  3. How long do we flush water lines in between each patient?
  4. What process is safer than manual cleaning prior to sterilization?
  5. What is "crictical" surface category?

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  1. Needles, curets, explores, probesHow much pressure is used for moist heat sterilization?


  2. Corrosion and rust free; short cycle time; ease of operation and equipment care.What does a biologic monitor do?


  3. No corrosion, good for materials that cannot be subjected to steam under pressure, when at correct temp. it is well suited for sharp instruments.What are some of the advantages of Chemical Vapor Sterilization?


  4. Light handles, certain x-ray machine parts, safety eyewearWhat are some examples of "critical" objects?


  5. Internal Chemical Indicators (heat strips)What is "environmental" surface category?


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