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  1. A minimum of 20 mins after the desired temperature is reached.
  2. Does not touch mucouse membranes, it only comes into contac with unbroken epithelium.
  3. 2 minutes
  4. 160° F - 170° F (320° C - 340° C)
  5. Light handles, certain x-ray machine parts, safety eyewear
  1. a What is the time limit for Chemical Vapor Sterilization?
  2. b How long do we flush the water lines at the beginning and end of the days?
  3. c What are some examples of "noncritical" objects?
  4. d What is "noncritical" surface category?
  5. e What is the temperature range for dry heat sterilization?

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  1. What is the temperature range for Chemical Vapor Sterilizers?
  2. What are some disadvantages of dry heat sterilization?
  3. What is a substance that prevents or arrests the growt or action of microorganisms either by inhibiting their activity or by destroying them. Refers to things applied to living tissues.
  4. What process is safer than manual cleaning prior to sterilization?
  5. How long do we flush water lines in between each patient?

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  1. An agent, usually a chemical, but may be a physical agent, such as x-rays or utraviolet light, that destroys microorganism s but may not kill bacterial spores; refers to substances applied to inanimate objects.This will change colors to help assess instrument exposure to temperature and steam for the required time?


  2. Indicates a range of activity of drug or chemical substance against a wide variety of microorganisms.What are some advantages of moist heat: steam under pressure sterilization?


  3. 250° F - 270° F (121° C - 132° C)What is the temperature used for moist heat sterilization?


  4. Moist Heat: steam under pressure.What is the type of sterilization we use at FTCC?


  5. No contact wth patient surfaces.How much pressure is used for dry heat sterilization?


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