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Which of the following is true regarding international marketing?

It involves the performance of business activities to sell the goods and services of a company in more than one nation for a profit.

Elements such as geography and infrastructure, level of technology, and cultural forces in the marketing environment of an international marketer are regarded as _____.

uncontrollable elements

A person's _____ can prevent him from being aware of the existence of cultural differences or from recognizing the importance of those differences.

self-reference criterion

Which of the following factors favors faster internationalization?

Firms with key managers well networked internationally.

A company in the _____ stage of international marketing involvement sells its goods to foreign markets only when there is a surplus due to variations in production levels. Such a company has little or no intention of maintaining continuous market representation.

infrequent foreign marketing

Betty Roberts became an embarrassment to her company when she joked about the ruling monarchy in England in front of a group of visiting English businesspeople. She should have known that political ridicule by a foreigner is rarely accepted. Ms. Roberts has violated what is known as a cultural _____.


A manager hires an agent to obtain a license to build a warehouse in an industrial district. The agent was caught offering a bribe to a government official for issue of the license. Which of the following describes the manager's liabilities?

The manager is liable if he was aware of the fact that part of the agent's fee would be used as a bribe.

Which organization conducts an international survey of businesspeople, political analysts, and the general public on corruption and compiles the Corruption Perception Index (CPI)?

Transparency International (TI)

When compared to people operating on P-time, people operating on M-time:

tend to concentrate on one thing at a time.

France is higher on Hofstede's Power Distance Index (PDI) than the United States and formality still reigns in France. Which of the following American business practices would be most unacceptable to the French?

Using First names in business encounters.

At the global level, differences can be observed in marketing ________ from country to country


Which of the following is an uncontrollable element in an international marketing program?

Economic Forces

Jacob is devising a market plan to market his firm's products in a foreign market. He has already studied the factors that are modifiable and developed a marketing program based on those factors. Jacob now has to consider the factors that are not adjustable and must modify his marketing plan to adapt these new factors. Which of the following elements s likely to pose the biggest challenge to Jacob's task?

Political/legal forces

Justin, who works as a manager in a global enterprise with a diverse workforce, is of the opinion that the employees from his country are more time-conscious and good at taking decisions. He always allots responsible positions to people from his country and trusts them more compared to other employees. This notion of Justin is referred to as


To be _____________ is to be tolerant of cultural differences and to have knowledge of cultures, history, world market potential, and global economic, social, and political trends

globally aware

A company which manufactures automobile spare parts has set up a separate production plant to produce products to be marketed in foreign markets with an intention of globalizing their venture. The company has also developed a sales force to market its products in important foreign markets. In terms of international marketing involvement, the company is at the stage of

regular foreign marketing

Ideal Electronics is a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics in Korea. The company has also ventured into foreign markets and has even set up production plants in some foreign market locations. They have different marketing strategies for different markets as they segment their markets mostly on the basis of national borders. Ideal Electronics is in the _____________ stage of international marketing involvement

International Marketing

At the _____ stage of international marketing involvement, companies treat the world, including their home market, as one market

Global marketing

Thomson's Goods treats all countries it operates in, include its home country, as one. They segment their markets on the basis of income levels and usage patterns rather than focusing on national borders. The company earns a majority of its revenues from foreign markets. Thomson's Goods is in the ______ stage of international marketing involvement

Global marketing

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