Science Study guide Chap 1-2

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Physical change + example

after the chang it is the same substance
- state
- shape
ex: solid to liquid to gas

chemical change + example

after the change it is a different substance
- burning

2) electrolisis
- using electricity to break things down

3) oxcidation
- combining w/ oxygen

4) tarnishing
- combining w/ sulfuror other substance

ex: cookie batter (baking heat)= cookie

pure substance

only 1 element alone that can't be broken down


pure substances that can't be broken down into simpler substances


force of gravity or amnt of gravity on an object

calculate density



basic unit of matter

chemical bond

force that holds two atoms together

endothermic change vs exothermic change

energy in = cold
energy out = hot

SI unit for mass

metric system
gram, kilogram

physical properties

- texture
- color
- flexibility
- shape
- state

chemical properties

- flamability
- ability to react


2 or more substances that are not chemically combined


atoms that are combined to a specific ratio

compare mixtures and compounds

both are combinations of 2 or more substances


liquid's resistance to flow
ex: honey= high viscosity
water= low viscosity


solid to gas

surface tension

surface paricles form a "skin" on top of the water


- evaporation surface particles
- boiling below the surface


gas to liquid

melting and energy transferance

solid to liquid
gaining energy

boiling point and air pressure

The boiling point of a substance depends on the pressure of the air above it
ex- higher u r the faster things boil because there is less air pressure above it

endothermic reaction vs exothermic reaction

energy in = cold
energy out = hot

solid vs liquid vs gas

solid- definate shape definate volume
liquid- definate volume no definate shape
gas-no definate shape or volume

density (sink vs float)

denser then liquid= sink
less dense then liquid= float

density of regularly vs irregularly

(cube/rectangular prism) lwh
drop object in test tube that is filled w/ water up to the 50 ml mark, divide the finishing volume w/ the mass


definate shape and defiate volume

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