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  1. estar seguro
  2. estar de moda
  3. estar de pie
  4. echarse a reir
  5. echar(se) a perder
  1. a to burst out laughing
  2. b to be in style
  3. c to be standing
  4. d to spoil, to ruin, to lose its good taste
  5. e to be sure

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  1. to blame
  2. to be in a good/bad mood
  3. to be back
  4. to be about to
  5. to be starving, dead tired, very sleepy

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  1. estar harto deto be fed up with


  2. echar de menos a alguiento burst out laughing


  3. estar porto be sure


  4. estar para + infinitiveto be fed up with


  5. (no) estar para bromasto be fed up with


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