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  1. Appellant
  2. Consitution
  3. Extradition
  4. Motion to Dismiss
  5. Challenge for Cause
  1. a state/controversy asks for defendant to be transported back for trial
  2. b Federal: grant of power
    State: often limits federal gov power
  3. c court doesn't have jurisdiction over me
  4. d documentation to judge that juror is biased
  5. e initiates lawsuit

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  1. fines, damages, jail time
  2. set of rules, created and enforced by gov
  3. Common and Civil, Public and Private, Civil and Criminal, Substantive
  4. Judge, Justice, Magistrate
    Juror, Lawyers
  5. no surprises, both sides know case

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  1. Judge/Justice/Magistratepower of courts to review action of legislative and executive branch and declare them to be unconstitutional (created in Marbury v. Madison)


  2. Parts of Free Market Systemlawyer is a zealous advocate to client (if client committed murder, the lawyer has to support reasonable doubt)


  3. Federal Courtsno response by defendant, win by default


  4. Appellate Courtinitiates lawsuit


  5. Petit Juryno response by defendant, win by default


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