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  1. Appellate Court (State)
  2. Petit Jury
  3. Organization of Court
  4. Sources of Law
  5. Lawyers
  1. a review judgment of trial court
  2. b Federal and State
    Trial, Court of Appeals and Supreme Court
  3. c first duty to admin or justice (ethical and correct before else)
  4. d Constitution, Legislation, Administrative Regulation, Judicial Decisions
  5. e 6th and 7th Amendments which are trial rights, decide guilty or not guilty and liable or not liable , judge provides law, then they render a verdict

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  1. not binding by lower courts, theorize
    obligated to follow
  2. Writ of Certiorari, questions of Federal Importance, Constitutional Issues, Conflicting Decision, Decision becomes law of the land, not subject to review
  3. 5 Justices carries the day
  4. previously not allowed to take notes or ask questions, now can
  5. answer to complaint

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  1. 3rd Party Defendantperson being charged


  2. Concepts of US Constitution (3)set up 3 branches of gov, states retain all powers not given to the federal gov, basic rights guaranteed to individuals


  3. Natural Lawusually between two individuals, monetary compensation


  4. Parts of Free Market Systemserve notice to out of state defendant


  5. Legislationlaw passed by elected officials


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