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  1. Appellate Court
  2. 3rd Party Defendant
  3. Request for Production of Documents
  4. Limited Jurisdiction
  5. Breach of Contract
  1. a specific court cases
  2. b use of documents during trial (written questions)
  3. c defendant brings someone in (passing blame - liable to plaintiff)
  4. d monetary damages
  5. e no witnesses, can sustain the trial courts decision, reverse or remain

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  1. Federal: grant of power
    State: often limits federal gov power
  2. justices agree, but for different reasons
  3. person charging
  4. oral questions asked by lawyer to defendant; phrase questions to attack credibility at trial
  5. no surprises, both sides know case

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  1. Personnelno surprises, both sides know case


  2. Stare Decisiswhen looking at past decisions of precedents, should base opinion consistently with prior decisions


  3. Sources of LawConstitution, Legislation, Administrative Regulation, Judicial Decisions


  4. Peremptory Challengeask judge for removal, limited number


  5. Federal Courtsjurisdiction limited by Congress, jurisdiction limited to federal question, the US as a party, controversy between states, diversity of citizenship


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