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  1. Summons
  2. Plaintiff
  3. Motion to Dismiss
  4. Concepts of US Constitution (3)
  5. Federal Courts
  1. a need to appear in court (state)
  2. b set up 3 branches of gov, states retain all powers not given to the federal gov, basic rights guaranteed to individuals
  3. c jurisdiction limited by Congress, jurisdiction limited to federal question, the US as a party, controversy between states, diversity of citizenship
  4. d person charging
  5. e court doesn't have jurisdiction over me

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  1. law that determines rights and duties of individuals
  2. lawyer is a zealous advocate to client (if client committed murder, the lawyer has to support reasonable doubt)
  3. violate the law and put society at risk, punishment
  4. document that initiates lawsuit
  5. Judge, Justice, Magistrate
    Juror, Lawyers

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  1. Purposehear evidence and make factual determination


  2. Jurorshear evidence and make factual determination


  3. Rule of Lawconstitutional, administrative, criminal


  4. Breach of Contractwould it be fair to require defendant to defend in this specific court


  5. Compensatory Damagesput injured person where they would have been


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