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  1. Physical and Mental Exams
  2. Interrogatories
  3. Concepts of Jurisprudence
  4. Sources of Law
  5. Criminal
  1. a Law as Power, Legal Positivism, Legal Realism, Natural Law
  2. b examinations of those involved in case
  3. c written questions the party answers before trial
  4. d tried whenever crime is committed
  5. e Constitution, Legislation, Administrative Regulation, Judicial Decisions

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  1. personal stake in case
  2. have to file a Write of Certiorari, not entitled to second review, few cases are accepted
  3. previously not allowed to take notes or ask questions, now can
  4. justices agree, but for different reasons
  5. oral questions asked by lawyer to defendant; phrase questions to attack credibility at trial

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  1. Unanimous for Jurors?hear evidence and make factual determination


  2. Minimum Contractsjurisdiction limited by Congress, jurisdiction limited to federal question, the US as a party, controversy between states, diversity of citizenship


  3. Tortious Conductwould it be fair to require defendant to defend in this specific court


  4. Extraditionstate/controversy asks for defendant to be transported back for trial


  5. Limited Jurisdictionmany types of cases


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