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  1. Concurring Opinion
  2. Appellee
  3. Standing to Sue
  4. Motion to Dismiss
  5. Dicta vs. Holding
  1. a asked to sustain lawsuit of trial court
  2. b not binding by lower courts, theorize
    obligated to follow
  3. c court doesn't have jurisdiction over me
  4. d personal stake in case
  5. e justices agree, but for different reasons

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  1. decision by the Supreme Court to hear an appeal from a lower court
  2. Law, Rule of Law, Property, Importance of Rule of Law to Business
  3. justices say why they voted so
  4. legal rights as asset, exclusivity of others
  5. property, contracts, torts (reasonable)

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  1. Long Arm Statutelaw passed by elected officials


  2. Judicial Restraintonly use judicial review in unusual cases, change comes from legislation, look at intent of founding fathers, strong belief of precedent, belief in state's rights


  3. Challenge for Causelaw is generally and equally applicable to to everyone, system of published laws under which gov and people are bound


  4. Peremptory Challengeask judge for removal, limited number


  5. Subject Matter Jurisdictionmany types of cases


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