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  1. Torts
  2. Traditional Role of Jurors
  3. Judge/Justice/Magistrate
  4. Judicial Review
  5. Law as Power
  1. a under color of authority
  2. b presides over procedures of case
  3. c unfairly causes someone else to suffer loss or harm
  4. d power of courts to review action of legislative and executive branch and declare them to be unconstitutional (created in Marbury v. Madison)
  5. e previously not allowed to take notes or ask questions, now can

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  1. jury is chosen
  2. constitutional, administrative, criminal
  3. would it be fair to require defendant to defend in this specific court
  4. person being charged
  5. monetary damages

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  1. Summonsneed to appear in court (state)


  2. Criminal Lawusually between two individuals, monetary compensation


  3. Appellantinitiates lawsuit


  4. Appelleeasked to sustain lawsuit of trial court


  5. General Jurisdictionspecific court cases


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