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  1. Abandonment of an application
  2. Who can interview?
  3. How will authorization to charge all required fees be to a deposit account be treated?
  4. Suspension for public safety or defense by PTO if
  5. What is the max period suspension of action by PTO
  1. a The max period is 6 MONTHS; office will notify applicant
  2. b 1) Inventor/applicant
    2) Registered attorney/agent: of record, or using his file, or known by examiner to be local representative of record attorney
  3. c As a constructive petition for extension of time
  4. d 1) application is owned by US
    2) Publication may be detrimental to public safety
    3) appropriate agency requests suspension
  5. e 1) Failure to Reply
    2) Express Abandonment
    3) Termination of Proceedings

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  1. A RCE provides a way for an applicant to obtain continued examination of an application after prosecution has closed by filing a submission and paying a fee. If a subsequent action is made final, an applicant can get continued examination again by filing submission and fee.
  2. 1) infringing product/method is on the market/in use
    2) comparison to claims made
    3) search of prior art or good knowledge
  3. 1) Should be filed after app gets app number and filing date if not filed with original app
    2) Should be filed with original app if claims are canceled to reduce the filing fee
    3) For CPA's, preliminary amendments must be filed on the filing date of the CPA
  4. Rejection of claims is based on subject matter (substance) and is subject to appeal. Note: objections are based on form and may be reviewed only by petition to the director.
  5. time is not extendable for: submitting an oath or declaration and submitting formal drawings

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  1. What factors should be considered in whether a preliminary amendment "unduly interferes" with preparation of first OA?received by PTO before first OA is mailed


  2. A preliminary amendment will generally not be disapproved if it filed no later than:Not considered part of original disclosure unless filed with original app and later filed oath refers to it


  3. When is a final rejection improper?A final rejection is not proper if it is:
    1) the first office action in a CIP at least one claim includes subject matter not present in parent;
    2) the first office action in a substitute application containing material presented after final rejection in an earlier application but was denied entry based on new matter


  4. What is the proper response to a rejection?Petition to director


  5. What happens if a timely reply is not filed?It is considered abandoned


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