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  1. Whether unavoidable or unintentional, what is required for revival?
  2. What is the deadline for filing an appeal brief?
  3. Due dates for the following cannot be extended even for cause:
  4. Final Rejection
  5. 35 USC 102 (f)
  1. a 1. IDS
    2. Any due date set by statute (such as 6 month absolute deadline set for response to Office Action)
    3. The issue fee can now, by statute, be paid late upon a proper showing, but cannot be extended
    4. The deadline for responding to a Notice of Omitted Items (2)
    5. The three month deadline to obtain a refund for a fee paid as a large entity.
    6. Filing Formal Drawings at time Issue Fee is paid.
  2. b -filing
    -a proposed response when an action was outstanding as the time of abandonment or the filing of a continuation
  3. c bar patenting subject matter which the applicant did not invent.
  4. d A final rejection is any second or later rejection, unless: new rejection of claim that was not added or substantively amended; rejection is based on newly cited art other than info submitted and IDS.
  5. e Two months but this is not statutory; therefore, it can be extended to 5 months

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  1. - previous general authorization for extensions of time
    - mere payment of the extension of time fee without a specific request
    - general authorization to pay an additional fee
  2. no.
  3. No.
  4. - illness
    - environment
    - energy
    - age (over 65)
    - counter terrorism
  5. 1) Applicant(s)
    2) Owner(s)
    3) Attorney of record
    4) Attorney not of record but acting in representative capacity

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  1. Can you obtain an extension of time to pay the issue fee?No but you can pay late upon proper showing (unavoidable, unintentional)


  2. Most rejections are based on 35 USC 112 first paraprior art is the set of circumstances set forth in 35 USC 102 ONLY.


  3. Two routes exist for reviving an application depending on whether the abandonment was- the required reply
    - fee
    - a statement that the entire delay was unintentional
    - any necessary terminal disclaimer/fee


  4. Is knowledge by the public considered "use" by the public under 102 (b)?Not considered part of original disclosure unless filed with original app and later filed oath refers to it


  5. Is an interview before filing permitted?No.


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