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  1. Are amendments allowed after an issue fee has been paid?
  2. When obtaining an extension of time in order to file a continuation and have the parent and continuation copending, is response to the outstanding action necessary?
  3. If a prima facie showing has been made,
  4. What happens after an interview?
  5. To revive an application as unavoidably abandoned:
  1. a Applicant must be ensure the substance of the interview is made of record in the app--often the examined agrees to do it. Full response to OA is still required.
  2. b the Commissioner institutes the proceeding with both the applicant and the petitioner submitting briefs and testimony on the issued of public use and sale.
  3. c - the required reply
    - fee
    - a showing that the entire delay was unavoidable
    - any necessary terminal disclaimer/fee
  4. d No, except in conjunctions with a withdrawal from issue. 37 CFR 1.313
  5. e No.

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  1. Shortened Statutory Period:

    for responding to a restriction requirement? 1 month

    for responding to Ex Parte Quayle actions (action in which all the rejection and objections are formal) 2 month

    for responding to all other official actions? 3 months
  2. Missing parts: oath/declaration, translation, filing fee

    the applicant has two months from the filing date (if no correspondence address is included), two month from the date the Notice of Missing Part is mailed, to file the required paper. The deadline can be extended automatically up to five month. THERE IS NO SIX MONTH RULE.
  3. 1) Applicant(s)
    2) Owner(s)
    3) Attorney of record
    4) Attorney not of record but acting in representative capacity
  4. 1. US patents or published applications and PCT applications (having an international Application date after Nov 29, 2000) designating the US which are published in English, all have 102(e) dates once they publish

    2. The prior art date is the earliest effective US filing date or International filing date once the US application or International Application has published.
  5. A prior invention which would otherwise be prior art under either of these sections is not prior art to determine obviousness if the prior invention and the claimed invention were both, AT THE TIME THE CLAIMED OR LATER INVENTION WAS MADE, owned by the same entity or subject to an obligation to assign to the same entity.

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  1. Whether unavoidable or unintentional, what is required for revival?- the required reply
    - fee
    - a statement that the entire delay was unintentional
    - any necessary terminal disclaimer/fee


  2. 103 stuff skipped.An applicant can appeal after two or more actions on the merits, and after any final rejection


  3. What is a revival?Bringing an abandoned application back to life.


  4. Suspension of action may by an APPLICANT on petition if [1.103(c)]1) filed along with a request for continued examination RCE
    2) must specify time of requested suspension (3 months)
    3) fee


  5. The deadline for filing an Appeal Brief is calculated from:the date the Notice of Appeal is actually received by the Patent Office.


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